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  1. I suggest the Old Fashioned Chico Cameroon. Extremely cheap and an excellent everyday smoke when out of time to relax with a real cigar
  2. Anyone actually tried it? Even though the company is swedish I have never heard of it before. Is this where Jade and the other producers get their stuff..?
  3. If you are interested in some very exclusive stuff which also is pretty good smokes... check this out: http://www.carlscoronacigars.se/ And no, I'm not in any way connected to that company.
  4. I really do not enjoy the DITA. Tried once with Asti Martini but had to sink it. As T73 I prefer to mix my absinthe with spring water.
  5. Tonite a plain Duplais Balance to relax. Very hot summer evening here which will be spent in the garden. Addendum: I continued with a scandi verte from last year. My gosh it had improved! Still green even if a bit paler and more yellowish.
  6. We had a local gathering tonight. 16 persons most of them totally new to absinthe. I started out with a short introduction ranging from the history through myths (killing them of course) and on to modern absinthe, preparation and the louche. Thereafter we tried out Lasala, Clandestine, Duplais Balance and the new Prototype 35. Some of the really tough ones even had a glass of some Czechsinth , someone had stashed in the bar. It was really a success and most of us agreed to that the Balance and Prototype 35 were the best. I was for sure pretty impressed with the P 35.
  7. Thanks to all of you. And a big There is a green haze in the air here today, not sure if it is early summer or absinthe that causes it...
  8. Long time no see (or hear from) Rabelais. Which of the Rome airports? Might bring wife and youngest daughter to Rome soon.
  9. No not really. It's a Absinthe Jaune with saffron and vanilla. Some people might consider it tasting like what you implied though, but I'm not one of them.
  10. The Eichelberger is very nice and also has a favourable pricing, if that is of any concern.
  11. As u guys had the KOSG, I had a Scandinavian BdA not 48 hrs old, just to feel extra good... :P
  12. I have never considered mixing absinthes a heresy. As long as it is done with care and the intent of creating something better. I find it a good way to get closer to your own taste. Before just letting a (not so liked) brand be standing at the shelf or in the cupboard, why not try to mix and drink. There are not only single malts that are drinkable when it comes to whisky and cigars rarely contain just one type of tobacco. Edit: And when I mention cigars, I really mean hand rolled quality cigars. Unnecessary remark probably...
  13. A Scandi Blanche tonight & I'm feelin' good right now.