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  1. Gron opal. I'm drinking so little these months, I stick to the best.
  2. GW Rum Flake in a Capt. Warren by Carlo Volpe. A rather strong tobacco, to be smoked slowly and leisurely.
  3. Grön Opal, still my all-day absinthe. I'm currently on a strict diet, so I can only drink two UA per week.
  4. SG Grousemoor again and again, after long days I only had cigars.
  5. Blanche Neige, interesting and delicate.
  6. SG Grousemoor in a Ulrik Capt. Warren pipe, after a two days break. I love it...
  7. Gawith Hoggarth Mixture no.12 in a Set Jacopo. A true latakia bomb.
  8. I almost only drink absinthe, and never ever use sugar. I drink little wine and no beer, because of yeasts and sulfites. By contrast my sisters drinks wine and always has sugar. Absinthe always tastes sweet to me.
  9. Gawith Hoggarth Mixture no. 12, fantastic latakia.
  10. Devoille's Centenaire. The bottle's almost gone.