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  1. Hello Patient Explorer welcome, just got back into absinthe myself after a while off it, just ordered a bottle of Lasala myself which I hope to see this Monday, also got a bottle of Jade Blanchette last week, I'm delighted to find a way for absinthe to make it from the EU to my front door in Galway courtesy of Alandia.
  2. Have been checking out the websites, UK sites and Amazon.co.uk but every page I open puts up a disclaimer that they don't ship to Ireland which is annoying, I will have to plan a visit to Scotland and order both to be delivered to my sister or brother there. Anyone know where this can be bought and shipped from the UK to the EU, well that will be the case anyway in a month or two when Brexit kicks in. There will probably be an extra import charge for this when it happens if they actually ship to Ireland.
  3. I just want to point out that the Murmichan Absinthe is not by Loch Ness Spirits but another company called Lost Loch Spirits so will start a separate thread on that.
  4. Just out of curiosity I was browsing Spanish absentas and this was the price quoted for a litre bottle of Segarra 45, 230 Euro, is that right?? It doesn't mention anything about it being vintage, if you think that's a lot the Segarra 68 goes for a whopping 375 Euro, that's fecking nuts money to be paying for absinthe. This is from the Absinth Depot.de in Berlin. https://absinthdepot.de/en/product-category/absinthe/absinthe-from-spain/ Then I was browsing Irish websites and came across Drinkstore.ie, some of the prices they are quoting for La Fee stuff is ridiculous, La Fee XS absinthe 70cl bottle retails at 110 Euro WTF! and La Fee XS Suise retails at 100 Euro whilst their usual stuff Parisienne etc retails at 65 Euro, absolutely crazy https://www.drinkstore.ie/Spirits-Absinthe/1/ . I'm hoping my order from Alandia comes through, if it doesn't we are truly fucked here in Ireland trying to get decent absinthe and a decent price.
  5. https://craftbottleshop.co.uk/products/murmichan-scottish-absinthe-50cl-64
  6. Has anyone heard of the Loch Ness Blanche absinthe, I was reading great reviews about it in the Facebook group Absinthe Originals and I'm dying to get my hands on a bottle. The distillery is run by a retired couple. https://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2018/09/loch-ness-spirits-unveils-first-scottish-absinthe-blanche/ Will post a review when I procure a bottle.
  7. Got the Enigma Blanche in June 2016, I was well impressed, procured it while I was in London from Soho Wines for a decent £63 pounds and I made the bottle last to the start of September for the last festival of the summer in Ireland, Electric Picnic. On opening, very strong alcohol smell but at the same time subtle, an abundance of herbs to the smell and a natural candy odour. Adding water brought an incredible louche to a lovely glowing opaque white and mouth feel was a wonderful creamy skrunch. Finish was immensely satisfying and long lasting For its 74 ABV it is a very subtle punch to the head. A very satisfying blanche absinthe 9/10.
  8. Hello peeps its been a while since I've been on this forum but at the moment I'm enjoying a glass of Grand Absente, its alright it satisfies my need for an anise pastis tasting drink and its refreshing enough. I took the advice from 2016 where I purchased a 20 CL bottle of Jade Edouard which was extremely nice and will be looking for a big bottle at some point. I made my first purchase from Alandia and hopefully I might receive this either on Monday or Tuesday, its the Jade 50 CL bottle of Blanchette which I'm really looking forward to. I had about a two year gap where I didn't bother trying any absinthe for a while but my good friend Annette from Waterford brought me back a bottle of Absinto from Portugal, Absinto Neto Costa, the less said about this brand the better, one of the non-louchables that would sit alongside Le Diable Jaune. But it set me reeling to buy some of the good stuff. Over the Xmas in Edinburgh I got myself to the Drinkmonger shop where I got the Jade, Grand Absente and ordered a bottle of Pernod Absinthe Original Recipe which is very nice. Will add to the absinthe brand review section when I receive my Jade Blanchette. Happy new year folks.
  9. Thanks for the replies I have to see how funds go over the next month or so, I don't know if I'll be able to afford it in the end.
  10. Hi just looking for a bit of advice here rather than doing an online purchase route.
  11. My work goes on holiday during the Galway Races between 25th and 31st July, I'm thinking of taking 9 or 10 days travelling to Pontarlier in France and maybe travelling to Val de Travers in Switzerland. I'm thinking Dublin to Geneva and possibly a bus or train to Pontarlier and maybe over the border toward Val De Travers. Is travel fairly costly in France and Switzerland, I don't drive so will be relying on public transport. Should I fly to France and book a flight from Switzerland, apparently there is restrictions when crossing the border alcohol over 15% volume is apparently restricted to 1 litre. So if I'm booking flight I might as well check in a bag and get through restrictions that way, will take a carry on cabin bag also and will of course take advantage of the duty free after security. What do you reckon, is it worth it to taste and buy the elixir or would it be just as easy to get all that at Pontarlier anyway. I don't have a notion myself and the Irish airport websites is not exactly forthcoming with info for absinthe newbies.
  12. Well I got my bottle of Jade 1901 in Edinburgh at the Royal Mile Whiskey store in early March. I'm enjoying the taste of it that much that I'm also still buying Spanish absenta to drink so I'm drinking less of my Jade. A very robust taste, kind of chocolatey or carob, others have mentioned coriander, fennel. 1901 has a lovely louch, creamy looking colour and a nice aroma, my favourite so far and trying to use it wisely and sparingly. £68 sterling in Edinburgh so about $99 Dollars in the US.
  13. Yeah I mixed up the ones called Absente and Grand Absente I thought they were Spanish.
  14. Royal Mile Whiskies stocks 13 absinthes, two of which are genuine French absinthes, the 1 litre François Guy and Jade PF1901 absinthe, the rest is a mixture of Spanish absenta, Bulgarian Hapsburg and some of the French La Fee range.
  15. Call them what you want, fauxsinthes or Spanish absentas but that is what is basically all you can get in Ireland at the moment. At the same time I wouldn't knock some of them off, they can still make a refreshing cocktail or mixer and even a refreshing drink in the summer but not the genuine article. Still if you are wanting an introduction to absinthe it will do no harm to try although it can be pricey in ole Ireland. Shops selling Spanish absenta, French and Bulgarian. Dublin: The Celtic Whiskey Shop: Stocks 8 Spanish absentas and 1 French absinthe. Teichenne, Jacques Senaux, Fleur De Lis, La Fee Parisienne, Hapsburg. O'Briens Wine Off Licence: Stocks 3 bottles: Rodniks, La Fee Parisienne (UV bottle version) and Pernod Absinthe. Cork: Bradleys Off Licence: One type of absinthe (Spanish absenta) Jacques Senaux Green Absinthe. Galway: McCambridges of Galway: Normally stocks two types of Spanish absenta: Jacques Senaux Green Absinthe, Teichenne Black Absinthe.
  16. Sorry for bumping this old thread but I couldn't help noticing a price discrepancy over here in Ireland with La Fee Parisienne, you were talking previously about La Fee changing to the UV style bottles and using no artificial colours. the Celtic Whiskey store has La Fee Parisienne as €90.99 Euros whilst O'Brien's Wines has the same bottle for €60 Euros. I realise that the Celtic Whiskey bottle is the green gloop everyone is referring to, whilst the O'Brien's one is the repackaged La Fee Parisenne with the neutral colour. (What happened to my text it has shrunk.) http://www.celticwhiskeyshop.com/la-fee-parisienne-absinthe?search=absinthe&category_id=81 https://www.obrienswine.ie/spirits/absinthe-la-fee-parisienne-70cl.html
  17. I ordered a bottle of the Jade 1901 from the Royal Mile Whiskies in Edinburgh, will be going over to Scotland for my brother's 60th birthday, so I pre-ordered a bottle just to be in the safe side for 11th March and not too bad a price £67.95, might get some samples too. This will be my first proper absinthe and I can't wait. Its out of stock at the moment there but they are restocking it next week.
  18. Having only recently been checking out Spanish absentas I am stunned how some of you can afford to buy some the stuff you are talking about, it seems more like a hobby than acquired drinking and tasting skills. I come from a fine country who has a nice wee illicit history on bootlegging whiskies, its my firm belief that County Leitrim in Ireland has the finest poitin I've ever tasted, many other Irish people claim that Connemara poitin is the magic elixir. But getting to the point it is fairly obvious that the selection of absinthe or absenta available in Ireland is fairly pointless and grossly overpriced. I want to try a proper Swiss or French absinthe but can't really afford at the moment the prices for some of the exceptional brands listed in this forum and website, can someone suggest a few affordable brands that would make it worthwhile, it will probably be a month or a few weeks where I will attempt another overseas order for stuff just under the 70% vol. My next order would be for maybe for two brands, possibly in the fifty Euro per bottle bracket and hopefully some complimentary miniature tasters of other brands if the deal was going. Any musicians on the forum, I play bodhran with a number of traditional groups and Galway is a great cultural city to check out although the weather is fairly crap at the moment. I also like a bit of psychedelia, prog, electronica like Aphex Twin and Jon Hopkins, reggae and loads of stuff. Thanks if you can give a wee bit of info and I'm dying to taste some of the proper stuff.
  19. I suppose the newbies will always start with the fauxsinthes, I still like Mari Mayans though, the Jacques one is a bit sharper to taste, but once I have a bit of cash built up again will try the suggestions given to me.
  20. Hi to everyone, I found out a shop in Galway that stocked one type of absinthe, the 70 cl of Jacques Senaux Green, a Spanish absinthe for 54.99, I just went for it as it would have cost me 22 Euro to travel up to Dublin and back to Galway to buy it cheaper at 47 odd Euro. You can get the same bottle in Spain for 16 or 17 Euros, so a mark up of about 38 Euro. There is one other shop besides McCambridges in Galway, the Celtic Whiskey Store and that is Bradley's in Cork city that sells two types of absinthe. So three shops in all of the Republic of Ireland, apart from supermarket brands I've heard of from Poland in Tesco. Perhaps some interesting liquor stores in the North of Ireland too. What I want to know is, is it a general rule worldwide that with shipping, post and couriers that liquor or spirits with the volume of 70 % or more cannot be transported. I emailed DHL as they don't seem to have a terms of carriage to find out if they also have this restriction law. I looked up various courier sites around Ireland and the UK and that little bit of legislation kept cropping up about the 70% ABV rule.
  21. Hi my name is Niall and I am a complete newbie when it comes to absinthe, having only come across it while on holiday in Spain. I picked up a miniature of Le Diable Juan in a yellow colour, probably not a great start as it tasted mainly of alcohol with a slight anise. At the end of the holiday I bought a bottle of Mari Mayans at Malaga airport which I was very impressed with. I can't find Mari Mayans in Galway or Ireland for that matter which is a pity. Absinthe is very expensive in Ireland and is an awkward place to buy some online and have sent to your door. Customs seized a bottle of Mari Mayans 70 vol green absinthe at Shannon airport (where UPS has their hub) that I ordered last week apparently UPS has a no alcohol at 70% policy in bottles they are transporting, so that put an end to my trying to procure Mari Mayans whilst still in Ireland. The Celtic Whiskey shop in Dublin has a few different bottles which is tempting me to go up there to get some, although there doesn't seem to be any French or Swiss ones available there, here is what is on offer and the prices in Ireland. Absinthe Fluer de lis (70 cl) - 55% vol - 34.99 Euros Hapsburg Premium Reserve (50 cl) 89.9 % vol - 61.99 Euros Hapsburg Super Deluxe (50 cl) 85 % vol - 58.99 Euros Hapsburg Traditional Absinthe (50 cl) 72.5 % vol - 52.99 Euros Jacques Senaux Black (70 cl) 85 % vol - 54.99 Euros Jacques Senaux Blue (70 cl) 80 % vol - 52.99 Euros Jacques Senaux Green (70cl) 70 % vol - 47.99 Euros Jacques Senaux Red (70cl) 75 % vol - 49.99 Euros La Fee Parisian (70cl) 68 % vol - 90.99 Euros Teichenne Absinthe Black (50 cl) 85 % vol - 38.99 Teichenne Absinthe Green (50 cl) 70 % vol - 34.99 That is all the absinthe available in Dublin anyway and i will be avoiding the black, blue and red ones which leaves me with Jacques Senaux Green at 47.99 or the Teichenne Absinthe Green at 34.99 which is about as much as I can afford, what one should I go for, Jacques or Teichenne's.