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  1. I really like the 68% one got through Sensatonics.de, having had a few glasses from the bottle, a very pleasing colour, wonderful louche and a great taste and aroma, some of the aromas similar to the Capricieuse, this is the third Swiss one I've tried and I'm impressed.

  2. Bump: Four years later but kudos to everyone on this thread talking about Carnivale, I've watched season 1 now and I'm halfway through season 2 and I'm loving it, so different to other television series.  No doubt there is a maybe a heap of newer stuff emerged in the last four years that could be discussed.

  3. I don't know if I should've went with Absinthes.com or LDF, but I took a chance on these guys Sensatonics.de and ordered 4 bottles last Monday morning, I ordered my first François Guy litre bottle and two of the Clandestine variants Angelique Verte and the Charlotte La Capriciesue and one of the introductory offers a litre bottle of Lasala with two absinthe glasses and two absinthe spoons.  Has anyone bought from them before, I was checking my tracking and it seems that my package is still in Cologne since Wednesday afternoon, I was hoping it would get here for Friday for the St Patrick's weekend here in Ireland so I could have a louched verte on the very day, so it seems now I won't get this till Tuesday as Monday is a bank holiday in Ireland, anyways looking forward to this arriving.  The bottle of Angelique on their site, I'm not too sure if its the 2007 version 1 or the 2008/9 version 2, was looking at the Angelique thread and there was a number of complaints about a bitterness from the AA colouring.  Does anyone know the version that is in this image of the product from the Sensatonics website.


  4. Well I took a leap from my usual music and festival journalism blogging and decided to start my own absinthe blog called the Absinthe fiend and review my first absinthe, Murmichan Scottish absinthe, but I'll break it down a bit for here.

    Uncorking the bottle and pouring a few drops into the glass to taste neat, I found it immediately delicious, it had a nice smoked taste reminding me slightly of Laphroaig single malt, the absinthe has a grain base and some of the herbs used probably goes into whisky too, other taste sensations were of wormwood, fennel, hyssop, bramble leaves, heather flowers, mint and honey.  Very pleasant neat and the alcohol very subtle.

    Adding iced spring water through a brouiller sitting on top of the glass packed with ice, the louche has a lovely effect, turning opaque green with slight orange overtones.  The smell is now more enhanced, a floral banquet, honey, brambles, heather flower, mint, lemon thyme or citrus balm and at the core of the absinthe,  herbs anise, wormwood, fennel and hyssop blending into a lovely mix with water from spring wells in the Cairngorms.  Mouthfeel is creamy and fruity with the smoked taste, honey and fruity and minty herbs coating the tongue.  Finish is a knowing happy grin fifteen minutes after draining the glass so that is a yes from me.


    Neat, smell and taste     5/5

    colour – yellowish green natural 5/5

    Louche with water added   3.5/5

    Mouthfeel     4.5/5

    Finish      5/5



  5. Just made an order from Alandia of Suisse La Bleue and the VDF bottles and a brouille top, just confused at bill receipt.

    suisse La Bleue 49.00 Euro

    VDF 45.00 Euro

    brouille top 9.90 Euro

    shipping and handling 21.50 Euro 

    Tax 20.02 Euro

    equals 145.42 Euro yet my bill comes to 125.40 Euro.

    It dawns on me that the tax already seems to be paid in the prices of the bottle, I also got an email from Alandia paypal which seem to have the gross prices of the products and confirms to me that the tax has in fact already been paid.

    Sussie La Bleue 41.18 Euro

    VDF 37.81 Euro

    brouille 8.32 Euro

    Tax 20.02 Euro

    shipping & handling 18.07 Euro

    total 125.40.

    So it look like the tax is already paid is this the case, I thought it was going to be 20 Euro more, so not so bad.

    They are also giving me an absinthe glass, my first, so looking forward to this delivery.

  6. I came across this news item last week and found the Blackwater Distillery Facebook page, it seems this is not available yet or was just a very small batch.  Anyway I messaged them on Facebook and they told me the bottle will be launched in late Spring, so will let you know if I procure a bottle of this.



    Edit: Sorry didn't realise there was a paywall so here is the tabloid version from The Sun. https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/2470586/blackwater-distillery-set-to-launch-irelands-first-absinthe-west-waterford-festival-of-food-as-new-product-to-be-bottled-and-released-next-month/



  7. Cheers Gwydion I didn't realise they didn't work anymore, I'm using Google Chrome, I checked same link through Internet Explorer on some worked, I'm using Alandia at the moment but have since discovered they don't do a free shipping deal if you buy a number of bottles or spend a certain amount so will probably be switching to Absinthes.com after my next sale.

  8. Now I know this is a oil and macerate mix but I'm very impressed with this drink, very affordable and tasty too.  The louche is very nice and the aroma earthy, a nice combination of anise, lemon balm and subtle wormwood.  I got my bottle through Alandia which probably has the dearest price at 32.50 Euro out of all the other vendors but a great daily drink and a very good starter absinthe.  I got this as I have a few really nice absinthes that I don't want to drink all the time and use up so the Lasala is a great in between drink that does the job just nicely.