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  1. Just ordered a bottle of this through the Whisky Exchange in London, will post a review here when it reaches my door.
  2. Bodhran_Thumper

    A Shipping Query

    I guess I answered my own post in that question, was looking at this site though Sensatonics, makes me think they are advertising gross prices before VAT is added. https://www.sensatonics.de/en/shop/absinthe/
  3. Bodhran_Thumper

    A Shipping Query

    Just made an order from Alandia of Suisse La Bleue and the VDF bottles and a brouille top, just confused at bill receipt. suisse La Bleue 49.00 Euro VDF 45.00 Euro brouille top 9.90 Euro shipping and handling 21.50 Euro Tax 20.02 Euro equals 145.42 Euro yet my bill comes to 125.40 Euro. It dawns on me that the tax already seems to be paid in the prices of the bottle, I also got an email from Alandia paypal which seem to have the gross prices of the products and confirms to me that the tax has in fact already been paid. Sussie La Bleue 41.18 Euro VDF 37.81 Euro brouille 8.32 Euro Tax 20.02 Euro shipping & handling 18.07 Euro total 125.40. So it look like the tax is already paid is this the case, I thought it was going to be 20 Euro more, so not so bad. They are also giving me an absinthe glass, my first, so looking forward to this delivery.
  4. Bodhran_Thumper

    Show Us Your Stash!

    A very nice collection you have there Patient.
  5. Bodhran_Thumper

    Jade Blanchette

    Just about over halfway through my first 50 CL bottle, have checked all the vendors and no one seems to stock the litre bottle anymore, anyway loving this drink, a good companion to the Enigma Blanche.
  6. Bodhran_Thumper

    Philippe Lasala Absinthe

  7. Bodhran_Thumper

    Loch Ness Blanche Absinthe - Scotland's first absinthe

    Someone got in contact with me through Absinthe Originals on Facebook and there is a place I can buy it online in the Nederlands.
  8. It looks like The Sun used a generic photo of Apsinthion in a glass for the promotion of this, I hope its a good absinthe.
  9. I came across this news item last week and found the Blackwater Distillery Facebook page, it seems this is not available yet or was just a very small batch. Anyway I messaged them on Facebook and they told me the bottle will be launched in late Spring, so will let you know if I procure a bottle of this. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/green-fairy-casting-its-spell-over-emerald-isle-distiller-k2rjvsz32 Edit: Sorry didn't realise there was a paywall so here is the tabloid version from The Sun. https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/2470586/blackwater-distillery-set-to-launch-irelands-first-absinthe-west-waterford-festival-of-food-as-new-product-to-be-bottled-and-released-next-month/
  10. Bodhran_Thumper

    Show Us Your Stash!

    Couldn't edit my post again so here is the image of my collection that I posted in my Facebook group.
  11. Bodhran_Thumper

    Answers to common newcomer questions

    Cheers Gwydion I didn't realise they didn't work anymore, I'm using Google Chrome, I checked same link through Internet Explorer on some worked, I'm using Alandia at the moment but have since discovered they don't do a free shipping deal if you buy a number of bottles or spend a certain amount so will probably be switching to Absinthes.com after my next sale.
  12. Bodhran_Thumper

    Answers to common newcomer questions

    Links to absinthe vendors just shows a blank page, what gives.
  13. Bodhran_Thumper

    Show Us Your Stash!

    My latest collection so far, some fauxsinthes and some of the good stuff.
  14. Bodhran_Thumper

    Philippe Lasala Absinthe

    Now I know this is a oil and macerate mix but I'm very impressed with this drink, very affordable and tasty too. The louche is very nice and the aroma earthy, a nice combination of anise, lemon balm and subtle wormwood. I got my bottle through Alandia which probably has the dearest price at 32.50 Euro out of all the other vendors but a great daily drink and a very good starter absinthe. I got this as I have a few really nice absinthes that I don't want to drink all the time and use up so the Lasala is a great in between drink that does the job just nicely.
  15. Bodhran_Thumper

    Happy to finally be a part of this community.

    Hello Patient Explorer welcome, just got back into absinthe myself after a while off it, just ordered a bottle of Lasala myself which I hope to see this Monday, also got a bottle of Jade Blanchette last week, I'm delighted to find a way for absinthe to make it from the EU to my front door in Galway courtesy of Alandia.