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  1. Oh, one thing I forgot to ask. Has anyone ever tried one that could stand up to a good absinthe?
  2. I picked up a bottle of the 10 year cask strength around Christmas time. Fantastic.
  3. Arak, Raki, Ouzo, Pastis, Sambuca, etc. Anyone a fan of any of these other anise based spirits? Any you'd recommend?
  4. Leopold Bros it is then, I'll pick up a bottle after I'm done working my way through this Vieux Carre. Is Pernod not worth trying?
  5. I have a limited selection of absinthe available near me, what's your favorite out of the following? The bolded ones are the bottles I've tried so far. -Vieux Carre -Mephisto -Lucid -Kübler -St. George -Leopold Brothers -Pernod -Absente/Grand Absente -Parnasse -Copper & Kings I've heard good things about Lucid, Kübler, and St. George. And I've heard not so good things about Absente. What would you recommend from this list?
  6. Hello, I've lurked for a bit and decided to sign up. I'm pretty new to absinthe and haven't tried many. My very first taste of it, besides my parents letting me have a sip as a child, was a little 50ml sample bottle of Mephisto. After enjoying that I decided to pick up a better quality bottle, and now I'm enjoying a glass of Vieux Carre as a type this. -John