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  1. There are some reviews (in french) about all the productions over there with pics : Belle Amie 2007 http://www.heureverte.com/absinthes/france...belle-amie-2007 Belle Amie 2008 http://www.heureverte.com/absinthes/france...belle-amie-2008 Belle Amie 2010 http://www.heureverte.com/absinthes/france...belle-amie-2010 Belle Amie 2011 http://www.heureverte.com/absinthes/france...belle-amie-2011 I guessed You noticed about the website name. I launched this website in 2003. Then I took all the money I spared for years to create Vert d'Absinthe. And I subscribed here some months after when WS came over the Internet.. Bazinet, a well knowed french absintheur is the webmaster of heureverte.com for years. Belle Amie is a very important absinthe for me because it was my very first production in 2007, helped with Peter. Time has passed and I now manage myself the production since 2010 with Dominique Rousselet at Emile Pernot's distillery. I want this absinthe to be perfect and I did everything I can to achieve this goal Now, the specials things I used for Belle Amie are also used for all of my absinthes"Les Parisiennes", including Rubis and Minette.
  2. Yep, it's avaiable since 5th May It's a Distiller's Proof actually. We let the absinthe age some months.
  3. Hey guys. Here is a quick video of my new absinthe : Minette (Les Parisiennes) I shot last week : I used objects I like very much and tried to shoot a beautiful ritual. And a friend of mine was happy to prepare the drink : she's very patient and steady with her blue heavy carafe By the way, Minette is made at Emile Pernot Distillery. We only made a very small batch and 96 bottles were produced.
  4. Thank you very much guys Sorry for not writing here much often, time is always missing, but I keep reading your messages and drinking some of your best american absinthes See you soon !
  5. The Perroquet 2011 is stronger than the previous one because I've changed some things with the production in order to give it stronger flavors.
  6. Did you notice the 4 spigots Fountain made by Pernod ? Too bad they do not sell it, they only feed the bars with this. They also made a see saw dripper. Seems they are more lucky making accessories than making... "absinthe".
  7. It could be a mix between the two, with news flavors. People who tasted the previous versions will find some memories but will have surprises too. I guess it's more herbal and floral than anisy. The purpose was to give the best interpretation of the recipe, capture some hints from the previous versions and make a very special absinthe, not re-make exactly Belle Amie 1 or 2. The 2 first batches could be considered as distiller's proofs
  8. Hi guys, I'm very happy to announce the avaiability (end the return, finally !) of my beloved Belle Amie absinthe. We worked on this absinthe for 2 years now at Emile Pernot's distillery and after several distiller's proof, we finally achieved our goal : craft the best Belle Amie we can. Done Belle Amie is produced in very small batches (100 liters) several times a year. It has been aged for some months before release. The result : very floral, very herbal, smooth, the special taste of Belle Amie... and a beautiful louche (you can see it on the video). Only avaiable at Vert d'Absinthe's shop. I hope this absinthe will please it's consumers Some pics for you to see its colour : And I shoot the louche on this vid :
  9. You're welcome Reminds me of that : the slow motion louche of the Perroquet is on Vimeo
  10. That's not the sense I got; I got the sense that it was Luc's decision. Perroquet is his project, not Pernot's. He just had an arrangement with them for its distillation. I never planned to stop the Perroquet Vert d'Absinthe took last month the bottles we filled, waxed and stamped ourselves at Pernot (the Special Edition). No more is left for now at the distillery but we'll soon make a new one. The remaining bottles avaiable are from the very first batch (Sept 2009).
  11. We decided to change the bottle for our absinthe Perroquet. Here is the new one, heavier than the previous one and... darker. I hope it will please you We have waxed, stamped and glued the labels ourselves, it was fun :D. This photo has been shot at Emile Pernot's distillery. You can see the famous Egrot still behind. Fun part : the seat where the bottle is standing is a vintage one from the XIX° and belongs to the old distillery Cousin Jeune where Emile Pernot is now established. It had been forgotten in the distillery for hundred years and has been exhumed for the photo More pics HERE
  12. Perhaps a matter of nationality. I like to pour the water over the sugar very slowly and I keep thinking the slower is the better for the taste of the absinthe... Huge records (texts, photos, drawings, adversiting) show us that one hundred years ago the drop by drop of ice cold water was important :D The main purpose of the brouilleurs was to deliver this drop by drop of cold water without the help of a carafe or a fountain.
  13. If you'd like to see a vintage absinthe Joanne spoon close up, these are the links : Vimeo : http://vimeo.com/18323294 Tou tube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjCnrDtxaR4 The comment is in french but the most important is the spoon (Absinthe Joanne was produced in Paris in the XiX° century until the ban in 1915. It was distilled in Paris, then in Evry (near Paris) with swiss gran wormwood).
  14. I opened my bottle of Verte and was delighted : I won't write a review in english because I can't, but I must say it's a very good absinthe. Herbal, hints of citrus and elecampane (once the bottle has been opened for some days : I did not taste it on the first glass) : very fresh and crisp, almost alpine. Job well done as the absinthe is perfectly crafted and can't be compared to anyone else. It's important to get it's own aroma. I'm very curious to taste what good US distillers are doing. The others american Co's I had were Saint-Georges (not a big fan) and a short sample of Walton Waters (too short to be evaluated but seductive) : so, congratulations to Joe
  15. Yes it's a nice vid', simple, well lighted.