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  1. Well don't run off and pout. Come back! I'm sure we can work things out! I have no interest in your opinions.
  2. Hostility? I got hostility from just asking an innocent question here. Don't tell me about hostility.
  3. Ya know, I can relate to this. Thank you. In the meantime I'm back at the MoL. I'm infatuated with it.
  4. Sure there is. Just not so much for the mindless blathering type Okay, so I'm the mindless blathering type to you. I'm thinking this forum must have an ignore function for offensive users....particularly those whose profiles list them as martyrs of women... No, you are personally not glad I'm here. You have made that abundantly clear.
  5. Yeah, and I just got into this a month ago. Give me a break willya? Not a lot of tolerance for nubes here I guess.
  6. Excuse me all to pieces sir! I'm sure you would never make so horrible a mistake 4 glasses into it. So calm down, okay?
  7. It's a real shame if it's not available there Carlo, this is going to be one of my favorites, I can tell already. I've had two glasses now, and quite thoroughly enjoyed both with and without sugar. It doesn't need sugar. I'm following those with a glass of Terminus, which is a much bolder absinthe having real teeth to it and fur as well. That does need sugar. MoL is made by a girl, and you can kinda tell. It has all that charm to it. It's like having a drink with your best girlfriend. Terminus is like meeting a biker guy in a bar who turns you on. It's a girl thing....
  8. Back to the topic: I just ordered a bottle of Sauvage, even though I was going to order a bottle of Marteau. I got caught up in the reviews of Sauvage while in the midst of an MoL session. One of the pages I read on Sauvage said: Only a couple of bottles are available! So difficult to find and hard to harvest is this extraordinary ingredient, that we cannot guarantee that there will ever be any future production of Absinthe Sauvage once this initial batch is exhausted... Yeah, okay, time pressure applied, buy it right now.. I get it. Well I got it, and moving right along... I understand this is the 3rd edition of this absinthe, but what does that really mean? How might it be different from the previous editions?
  9. Okay, now I have ten: Jade Terminus Jade CF Berger Meadow of Love Jade Esprit Edouard Jade Nouvelle Orleans View Pontarlier Jade 1901 Jade VS 1898 Duplais Verte La Clandestine While I very much enjoy them all the Terminus has some real teeth to it that I really like. I suspect that Marteau does too, so that's my next bottle.
  10. Thank you Evan, and ya know, that thing sure does look like drug paraphernalia to me. Bet they sell it in head shops. They posted it on Google+ absinthe. I guess they are doing their best to promote it.
  11. Just got my bottle of MoL today, enjoying a glass now, and it's a very pleasant absinthe! I don't have the super educated palette of others here, and I can't write the kinds of reviews they do, but I really like this a lot. The anise is not so pronounced as some others and there seems a spectrum of other herbal flavors I'm still sorting out. It has subtle notes of throwing my bike into the twisties on route 84 through the Santa Cruz mountains in the morning. I louched the first glass with sugar and the next will be without. It does a pretty louche
  12. The night of my first absinthe adventure when I first started up my fountain and opened the Jades I had a really vivid dream of being back in San Francisco, where I'd lived for 20 years, and from up near the Haight I saw almost the entire city swallowed up by the sea. It was really vivid and scary as hell. Woke me up that one did.
  13. I'm thinking of ordering a bottle of Marteau. It seems to get decent reviews. It might be a good absinthe. We shall see.