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  1. Thanks. I just posted under the existing "Show Me State" thread rather than start a new one. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. My wife and I had the great pleasure of dining with good friends at Meritage Restaurant in downtown St. Paul when we were visiting to host our daughter's wedding in November. Meritage has an absinthe fountain on their back bar, but it was not in use. I did not have a chance to ask when or how often they use it. They also offer a house cocktail they call a Parisienne, which is a variation of the classic champagne cocktail. Rather than soaking the sugar cube in bitters, the sugar cube is soaked in absinthe, then the glass filled with champagne. I did have several of those, as I found them quite delightful. To be clear, this varies from the Death in the Afternoon in that only enough absinthe is added to the glass to soak the sugar cube, rather than a significant portion of the glass being filled with absinthe.
  3. Greetings. Just joining myself from Saint Louis, where fortunately, at the time of this writing, I am high and dry, at least relative to flood waters. My wife and I have become willing participants in the classic cocktail movement here and elsewhere over the past several years. We have enjoyed many fine Sazeracs and other cocktails incorporating absinthe, but never participated in the absinthe ritual. We're just starting that adventure. I'm not aware of any bars here in St. Louis that feature an absinthe fountain, or even single pours using a brouilleur (I just ordered one yesterday from I (heart) Absinthe). I am working with the owners of one of our regular watering holes to host an absinthe-themed charity fund-raiser on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 9. My other interests include music ranging from 100 year old blues and ragtime piano to current Americana and whatever Bruce Springsteen is up to. More later.