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  1. Yes. 150 liter alembic made in Portugal. I’ll try to figure out how to post a decent <100kb image.
  2. Originally we got everything from Kirk. A few years ago we started a herb garden and it’s matured enough that we grow all enough of the leafy herbs except genepi, which doesn’t do that well in our climate. Kirk still supplies our aniseed and fennel - can’t beat his quality. Let me know what you think.
  3. Maisonabsinthe.com Here in the US. Cary and Hilary will take care of you.
  4. Shameless plug . . . Mt Defiance Absinthe is now available in most (55) of the Pennsylvania Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection Stores. Hit the shelves two weeks ago. Two states and DC down, 48 to go.
  5. I’m happy you enjoyed my absinthe. If you make it up to Mt. Defiance in Middleburg, I’d be happy to show you our absinthe herb garden and enjoy a glass with you!
  6. Any absinthe that is colored with natural ingredients with turn a tan/brown (feuille morte) color over time with exposure to light. Not a bad thing. Not a color flaw.
  7. I take a comparison to Delaware Phoenix Absinthes as a complement....thanks. I'm happy to have Mt. Defiance absinthe on Cary's web site. I'm surprised there hasn't been more buzz about it on this forum now that he sells absinthe.
  8. We will try and make sure it's in the online special order catalogue in which case it can be ordered and sent to any VA ABC store - but not out of state. In a few weeks we should show up on the Iheartabsinthe web site for anyone outside of Virginia who is interested.
  9. I was happy to receive notice today that our absinthe will be sold in 40 VA ABC stores starting in October. Now we get to recommend which stores should carry it. I'd appreciate any suggestions from wormwood society members in or near Virginia . . . Promising stores or just the one near you if you are interested in our brand.
  10. Cary Bonnecaze's web site, iheartabsinthe.com, has started selling absinthe in addition to accoutrements. Looks like he carries the Blanche.
  11. I'm a little late to this thread, but I'll throw in my two cents. A large majority of the consuming public is still ignorant about absinthe. The best you can hope for is the usual "hallucinations?" or "isn't that illegal?" reaction. The opportunities for improving awareness are limited. Absinthe isn't given the acres of prime shelf space that vodka gets in the liquor store, so the consumer likely doesn't even notice it. Very few restaurants offer absinthe, much less prepare it in the traditional fashion. So the most likely place to run across it is in a cocktail, and then it's often just a "rinse". We are trying to spread the word a bit in the Virginia / DC area. For restaurants that buy our absinthe and agree to prepare it properly we are offering free fountains and glassware. The response has been pretty good so far. The more people that see absinthe being prepared, the more may try it. Even then, I run across situations like one in a large hotel in downtown DC. The management was excited about offering absinthe in their restaurant. I delivered a few fountains and met with the bar staff. I could sense eyes rolling as I talked about the preparation . . . Slow drip, hey, why not bring the fountain to the table so the customer can participate, here's how to make your own sugar cubes so they aren't boring cubes, etc, I didn't gat a warm fuzzy that they were as excited as I was about bring absinthe to the masses.
  12. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll be visiting Pittsburgh in a few weeks and plan to pick up a bottle. It won a bronze medal in the American Carft Spirit Association competition this year . . .
  13. And now there is a new absinthe made in Pennsylvania . . . Absent Minded by Wigle in Pittsburg. Tried it?
  14. My name is Peter Ahlf, and I live in Washington, D.C. I am the distiller at Mt. Defiance Cidery & Distillery in Middleburg, VA. One of my products is absinthe, which I have been making for about a year. We are seriously small batch – I’m on batch 14 already! I was fortunate to run into a few people early on that have helped me immensely. Most of the folks on this forum know Kirk. As I was looking for ingredients early on I was happy to learn that the best absinthe herb grower in the country lives 5 hours drive from my distillery. With the exception of a small quantity of herbs I grow myself, I buy all of my herbs from Kirk. He’s also given me moral and technical support. Within days of announcing the release of our first batch of absinthe on Facebook, Brian stopped by to give it a try. More good news – the Review Editor of the Wormwood Society lives about 15 miles up the road from the distillery! Brian has also been a great help, speaking at a release party in an absinthe bar in DC, introducing me to retailers who have an interest in absinthe, and reviewing our product on this forum. So it’s about time I got more involved with the absinthe community. I’m happy to be on board. If anyone on these forums lives nearby or is visiting, drop me a line and I’ll show you our facility and we can talk absinthe. I’m also looking for nearby tasting “experts” to give me feedback on new formulas. I’m thinking of getting a group together once or twice a year to test ideas out. There’s a lot of knowledge out there that I’d love to tap into. Cheers.