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  1. Bob, I agree with you. It is well rounded. Goes down smooth, so smooth it is almost hard to pick up individual flavors. I think i prefer it to the NO for the reason that it seems more rounded and maybe simpler. NO = Holiday absinthe 1898 = year round.
  2. Bought the whole Jade line and have been drinking NO for the past month+. Just opened my 1898 and wow, this stuff is smooth as Keith Stone. Prepared it lazily in a bourbon glass, 3 and a half parts water plus 4 or 5 small ice cubes. Will be looking forward to it properly prepared in the future. Anyone else have an opinion the 1898??
  3. Sounds like a recipe I may have to try Gwydion! Or at least make a bartender make me haha! Thanks for sharing it! For tonight though, it is beer. Nothing brings in the holidays like a St. Bernardus imo!
  4. Couldn't decide tonight whether I wanted a glass of absinthe or hot chocolate... So like any indecisive person, I decided to combine. After verifying that it is even a drink (according to the little green book of absinthe), I tried my best to make it drinkable. While it isn't great, it is stomachable and seems like it has potential! I used 5 parts milk, Williams Sonoma classic hot chocolate mix, and just over half a part Jade NO (added after heating). I think it would be better with a little less absinthe. The little green book called for 8oz hot chocolate 1oz absinthe, so I did my best with the size cup I was using. Has anyone else tried this?? Any suggestions??
  5. Sha, do you have any local liquor stores that are more high end or specialty? You can usually find a gem in one of those. I couldn't find anything in the spec's in Austin, but found butterfly absinthe, mansinthe, and several other nice ones at one of the local stores there.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome you all!
  7. Hello from KY, I have been into absinthe for a couple years since starting with Grande Absente on my 21st birthday. Well, time changes a lot... Now the cabinet consists of the whole Jade line, plus 3 Jades that I was lucky enough to purchase from Vert d Absinthe in person. On top of that, a bottle of Butterfly and another of Vieux Carre. I enjoy traditional preparation without sugar. Hopefully I can connect with some of you on this site! Go cats, Travis