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  1. @Greenman1334 You rock!!!! Unbelievable how much cheaper that place is...not really much more of a drive for me either!! Thank you sir! They even have a much better selection, and I don't need a babysitter to open the case to get it You made my New Year!!
  2. I'll have to see if I can find one...the BevMo prices SUCK!!! Thanks!! And HAPPY NEW YEARS!!
  3. Plug away please!! No shame at all. I'd much rather support the owner/operator over the wannabe-monopolies anyday!
  4. Thank you very much!! Actually was able to find quite a bit on those sites that will be cheaper shipped than I can purchase in store! Also, much wider selection Thank you Evan!!
  5. hahaha.... love your cereal Mr. Krinkles
  6. So, I must have a terrible BevMo...mine does not carry Vilya :( I used the $20 off coupon I received from them, and picked up a bottle of Grun Fee to get over the $100 mark (this was my only holiday shopping transaction. Wow...what a huge disappointment. I did read the reviews, but I like to keep an open mind as well. Garbage. I also couldn't believe that it wasn't corked... Lesson learned I suppose. My options are: Pernod (original recipe), Grand Absente, Absente, La Fee, Grune Fee, St. Georges, and that is all. I guess I might have to ask them to special order something next time I have some spare cash.
  7. Thank you...I'll have to check it out for sure!
  8. Yes, I think I'm going to have to wait until I can stash enough cash to do so. All things considered, its hard for me to justify much more than 50 usd on 750 ml. I wish I had more local bars that served it...at least that way I could try it, but then I have to worry about the way home. I guess the moral is to just stop being poor
  9. Hey Greenman...any good resources for affordable absinthe in AZ?
  10. Thank you, thank you!! I've checked out online, but for a drinker on a budget, there usually is no break even for online. I'm hoping maybe a Christmas bottle if I'm super lucky. I look forward to reading some more, and hopefully finding some recommendations.
  11. I see another fellow member from hades has also reintroduced themselves...it is actually only a few degrees hotter than hell now, as it is, "winter." I am a Noob's Newb with absinthe, and have been trying to figure some of this stuff out for a while...finally decided that it would be easier to ask the professionals. I first really became interested in absinthe about a decade ago when I read a book about a guy using it as a way to escape brain cancer issues (and no kiddies, I'm not recommending this...cancer feeds on sugar--alcohol being a great source). however, at the time I was reading, it was illegal in the USA (and I'm not rich, and I can't play guitar or bagpipes yet) and my best alternative was chartreuse. This was the, "USA" closest thing to absinthe, as the author I mentioned above stated that anything is the US at the time was fake, or a small fortune. My interest was reinvigorated when I came across a random advert for the stuff, which led me to research, and then to BevMore (best option I have currently). I went based off of the quickest google search reviews I could find, and settled on a bottle of Pernod. I performed the traditional ritual with spoon, sugar and ice water, and I almost killed the bottle until I thought better of it. Three 1.5 ounce shots felt like the equivalent to a fifth of vodka to me, but I didn't feel like Monday was coming like I would have with the vodka. I did some more reading and researching, and St. George was my next stop (don't hate me). It wasn't awful, but it wasn't awesome either. This led me to grand absente, which I think was much more relatable to the Pernod. After some minor perusing, I now fear I have committed a few absinthe sins (don't worry, I didn't lite anything on fire), and am hoping for some guidance on a budget. I started developing some major health issues at the ripe old age of 22, have had just about every medical exam I could afford (can't now with....well, lets not go there ). About a year ago, I went on a business trip, and booze ...wasn't optional, so I imbibed (prior to that I only regularly drank at New Years, and weddings). I couldn't believe how well I slept, and how not-crummy I felt the next morning. Good clean alcohol (vodka, tequila, moonshine....and absinthe!) actually help me escape for just a little while. I could go on, but hopefully you were too inebriated to get all of that . I'm hoping to find some affordable options for Arizona, and some pointers to steer me towards to better options to enjoy my remaining time. Cheers, SHA