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  1. Well, I started my absinthe journey a few weeks ago with the impulse purchase of absante absinthe refined. After trying it and finding it not to bad, I ordered some Taboo from a Canadian distillery. Earlier someone commented that if I liked absente, I'd love real absinthe. Well, I'm not sure where taboo fits on the spectrum of good or bad, but I must say, I do love it.
  2. Well, it's expected to arrive on the 2nd, just before my long weekend.
  3. Well, I just discovered a Canadian distillery in the okanogan valley has a brand of absinthe called taboo. After reading some reviews here, I decided to order a couple bottles and some vodka. At $140 for three bottles shipped I figured it was worth a chance.
  4. Well, where I am in Manitoba, these are my options... -Absente Absinthe Refined -Green Tree Absinthe -St. George Absinthe Verte I've tried the absents, I can't bring myself to spend money on the other two. That leave me the option of trying to buy the odd bottle on my travels through Minnisota, north and South Dakota, or taking a trip to Kenora just to see what the LCBO might have there. All options are +$50 or more in gas money on a chance. That leaves me with online. If any Canadians out there have success with ordering online could you please give me some advice? Who is willing to ship here, who has successfully shipped alcohol into Canada. (I know Canada post won't ship alcohol, and if anyone finds it at the border my order will disappear into thin air). Honestly, I truely hope our country grows up and gets rid of these tax and regulate alcohol monopolies stuffed into the provinces back in the prohibition days. Though I doubt it... Until that day comes I'll continue to make my own beer and wine, buy duty free when I'm in the states, and smuggle bootlegged tax free booze...
  5. Well, I wish I could help you. I'm from Manitoba and just discovered absinthe myself, and I'd like to know if anyone has success smuggling absinthe in through mail order... The government run liquor monopoly and tax scene is so bad here I've taken to just making my own beer and wine, and bringing 40 oz bottles of liquor back from the states for less than the price of a Mickey at the local stores...
  6. Well, recently I made an impulse buy at the liquor store, and picked myself up a bottle of Absente - absinthe refined. I was curious as to what absinthe tasted like, and completely uneducated. I poured a little into a shot glass, examined it, and decided to try that little bit before heading back out the door... What a mistake. Straight up like that it tasted like sambuca had a three way with some rubbing alcohol and bad herbal tea, and absinthe was the bastard child that was born... I began the. To search around about proper preparation, what makes a good absinthe etc. And came across this page. Well, now I was disappointed in my purchase. I had no idea absante is considered a low grade absinthe at best, and not a real absinthe by many... But I have boughten it, opened it, I figured I should at least give it another chance. Last night I made a glass with water. Wow, what a difference. It tasted pretty good. Now I'm thinking, if that is on the low end of absinthe like drinks, I can't wait to get my hands on a real bottle. Well, if I can find some in Manitoba... Anyway, popping in to give my manditory introduction, and de-lurk from your website.