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  1. I recently has a spat of what I am calling AAD. In the pipe/tobacco/cigar world there is PAD/TAD/CAD...Pipe/Tobacco/Cigar Acquisition Disorder, when one seeks to purchase countless amounts of said item to no end, like trying to quench an unending thirst..sadly, there is no cure. I had recently placed an order for a full bottle of Jade Terminus, and smaller samples of 1901, Nouvelle-Orléans, Esprit Edouard, and VS 1898.
  2. I did not expect a response directly from the godfather himself Thank you for clarifying. Despite the color and louche not being quite what I expected, due to my own ignorance, the flavor however was remarkable
  3. I finally got my hands on a bottle of Marteau Belle Epoque. Before this got a bottle of La Clandestine, and Leopold Brothers. So far my experience with absinthes are a light peridot green and a dark and thick white louche... My bottle of marteau is dark green, almost brownish green, which may or may not be normal, but my louche was extremely weak and thin, I could see through the glass which normally I cannot. Pre-louche: http://i.imgur.com/QgGvc90.jpg Louche http://i.imgur.com/2inpl64.jpg It's kind of hard to tell in the louche photo but you can see its green and you can somewhat see the bubble towards the bottom of the glass. I did my usually method of pouring cold water from a caraf, somewhat slowly... there's actually an annoying little iphone video I made of it here (HA! I see yall do not like the l.o.l. phrase...or maybe you like it too much...?) http://www.magisto.com/int/album/video/OHokXFBOEgQnNj8GDmEwCX17?l=vsm&o=i&c=c So my questions are, is this color normal? Is this louche normal? Or is it just me? Did I not poor slowly enough or do something odd? Could it be that my bottle (shipped UPS ground and arriving yesterday 11/12) got too cold crossing the US on a truck and now it's 'ruined' similar to placing a bottle in a fridge? If so is it still good, or should I seek a new bottle from the website I got it from?
  4. unfortunately I already paid more at astor wines Luscious Oily Lesbians!, enjoying my first glass right now and have some real questions but I'll move that to another forum
  5. The local stores have Lucid but I kinda want to go to something better, I picked up a bottle of La Clandestine, and really enjoyed my first blanche. Another store has Leopold Brothers which I might pick up, not sure yet. A store in San Francisco has Jade 1901 but I might as well order online at that point...which leads me to a quick question, I see a lot of Jade and others out of stock, including Marteau...is this simply supply and demand, or is there a 'season' when more absinthe is produced?
  6. Hello all from Northern California! I am fairly new to absinthes, with my first absinthe being Le Tourment Verte...it was gross, but luckily I found it in a tiny 50ml bottle to sample. My first bottle was Mata Hari, which was ok, but not very good. A few weeks ago I found 50ml bottles of Grande Absente (it was alright, better than Mata Hari), and Grune Fee which was disgusting. I am looking forward to purchasing some good absinthe online soon. I am quite the connoisseur when it comes to cigars and pipes however, with a 100ct humidor with many cigars around 10yrs old, and some 80 pipes and several pounds of pipe tobacco...I also enjoy a good bourbon and scotch. I've been drinking Four Roses small batch bourbon as much as I drink absinthe. Other than that I spend most of my time doing homework, as I am currently getting my masters degree in Ministry & Leadership at Western Seminary...that's about it for me!