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  1. Those are the tastiest knees of them all!
  2. Hey 'Somphe and all. Of course, I posted that and then immediately skedaddled to the PNW for a few weeks without internet. Fingerpicken, I think we did grab a coffee. Long time ago. Back then, you and I were just about the only two members in Chicago. Now I'm in Lansing. My partner got a gig at MSU and I followed along (a person can pretty much write anywhere). What's new around these parts? Ever since the US absinthe explosion (which would be a good band name), I've been having a hard time keeping track of what's new and what's good.
  3. It's been a very long time since I've said howdy, but I moved to central Michigan recently and the other day overheard some folks at the local coffee shop talking about the owner's love of absinthe. So I take that as a good sign I should say hello! Hi everyone. The new faces, they are many!
  4. Happy new year, all! Luck and prosperity to you (eat some collards and black-eyed peas and they'll be guaranteed).
  5. I probably could have googled that. But of course, where would the fun be in that?
  6. Has-been wrestlers? I'm a scosh lost here...my sig line only implies that I has been wrestling with myself. Joe, it's good to be here. <looks around> Place is more or less as I remember it. Edit: Just so my drinking habits don't go undocumented down to the last detail, I am currently drinking Chock Full O' Nuts Original Blend. A fine example of the style.
  7. Finally got my hands on some Even More Jesus. I want even more of it.
  8. I was just discussing Marteau with a colleague interested in absinthes. I feel blessed to live only a few blocks away from DUNY. The spring weather may demand I take a walk up their way soon.
  9. Good news is they've got the Evil Twin at my local; bad news is they don't have the EMJ. It's fun to ask them whether they carry it, though.
  10. End of Days Stout followed by some homebrew Berlinerweisse that was threatening to go all bottle bomb on me if'n I didn't pop it open. Followed by a water with a slice of meyer lemon. I regret nothing. Edit: 'Somphe, color me jealous about this score of yours. I still remember our Abyss wars of old.
  11. Drinking some arak with lemon and sugar. Not quite the same as a nice absinthe, but it hits the spot during a heatwave. Earlier today, I got all excited because a local bar is carrying some Three Floyds on tap. I don't miss much from Chicago, but Floyds tops the list.
  12. Last night made an improvised version of my favorite absinthe cocktail, French sparkling lemonade with absinthe and a dash of bitters, with a substitution of arak for the absinthe. The arak was missing something, but it still was a nice and historically apt way to celebrate the birth of my country. With a little help from the French, that is.
  13. The thought of you with a scarred back also makes me sad.
  14. My remarks re: manatee sashimi aside, the thought of them with scarred backs makes me very sad.