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  1. Thank you guys. Much appreciated. There is so much wonderful info on this site. My obsessive reading for the weekend :-) Hope you all have a good one.
  2. Hello everyone from West Yorkshire, UK Really lovely to find this forum. I have been fascinated by the allure and mystery of Absinthe for a long time. It's place in history and creativity. My first taste was of the scary luminous green Czech fairies a long time ago (I think I hallucinated from the sheer amounts of frightening colourants in there!) it was a fairly horrific experience and I avoided the drink for a long time! Recently after enjoying pastis on holiday and reading a lot I realised how little resemblance real absinthe has to these green horrors. I made a foray into discovering the true Absinthe and have tried a few beautiful examples. My favourites so far are François Guy and jade Terminus Oxygenee. I am now smitten by this beautiful drink. I love history and am especially fascinated but the period embracing Absinthe, la Belle Époque and it's associated art movements being close to my heart. Hope to learn a lot on here. Thanks for having me...