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  1. Well to be fair the Lucid balancier wasn't exactly sold, at least not in my case. It was a free addition to the booze. In my state those gift sets with extras are the same price as just the bottle. So to me I'm not surprised their cost reducing measures in its construction because they literally give them away free.
  2. I've been storing it on it's side as I keep it in a drawer.
  3. The balancier of thiers I got binds up cause the legs are too flimsy.
  4. When I saw this announce a year ago I really wanted one but could not get it because I was not in the right location. I reached out to the company last week to see if they were available for purchase and the hooked me up. I have to say it rather nice, I wanting mostly for the bottle stopper but the little booklet might actually be my favorite part. It's go a brief history lesson and then some recipies and the last several pages are notebook style so you can work your own ideas out.
  5. Seeing as "morning ritual" is an accepted colloquialism for a morning trip to the bathroom, I do not think that that word 'ritual' carries the weight it once did. While the way I make a cup of ordinary tea could be seen as a bit ritualistic, I do see ya'll's point. That said the world of tea might not have a ritual but it has a ceremony, which seeing a google uses each word in the others definitions they are kinda synonyms. A glass of tea made in tea ceremony is not physically different from that banged out at home, but I do believe it gains an intrinsic value when prepared and consumed with that deliberatous mind set. I think that any thing performed in ritualized fashion requires and fosters a certain cast of mind. You enter the ritual knowing the desired out come and the steps that one will take to get there. And ritual builds the tension of anticipation, on some level you're thinking of the end result, and each step along the path builds the anticpation. Add this to a light meditative state induced by focusing on the task at hand and you take an ordinary item and build and extraordinary experience.
  6. So as you may have notice from my introduction thread I can get quite combative (doubly so if tired). Anyhow on another website I started a thread asking how often people do the whole glasses, spoons, sugar, and water rigmarole which I referred to as ritual. One of the reply I got was that "preparing absinthe the way it is supposed to be is not a ritual" and to not be weird. So my question to you all here is what name do you use to refer to the rigmarole that uses all those fancy absinthe toys and do you consider that to be the one true way to prepare absinthe? Cause I don't think every absinthe can stand up to that method of prep.
  7. I might have better luck brand-wise if I were to head into a more metropolitan area though even when I have stopped in at the big city store I usually only find the two brands listed above. Kind of my point, who needs a group like this more people who already fired up about absinthe or the curious neophyte who just wants some answers.
  8. I see it as being forced, there are forums one can't see unless they join and several places on this site make it clear that if you wish to freely participate then you have to make an introductory post. If it were suggested and recommended instead of mandatory I'd have been more willing to participate.But it's not just the rules say mandatory but do this or else mandatory. I can't help but wonder if all these hoops promote an inclusive educational society or if it fosters an exclusive old boy's club of like-mindedness. That said I find your Marteau Absinthe website to be one of the finer websites I've seen for a Liquor brand, easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. @Songcatecher I like my absinthe in a Sazerac or with ginger ale but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that the easy to acquire brands here are "Lucid" and "Absente: Absinthe Refined". I live in a control state meaning all liquor has to be bought at the state controlled stores. I have only ever seen one other brand that I can't recall the name of but the store only had it in airplane bottles and you had to buy $138 worth of them at a time so I had to pass and not seen them since.
  9. I'm even worse at job interviews that you suspect, one time I did so bad at the interview I lost out on two jobs for completely different companies.
  10. Here is a piece of art I did based on some quotes and poems about absinthe that I like. Larger version in link. The Glass is based on the poem "Let me be Mad" by Marie Corelli which is an anti absinthe poem the way it is written I believe and a passage by Ernest Dowson. The Glass in the picture reads; Let me be mad, mad with the madness of absinthe. The most Luxurious Madness in the world. Let me be mad, mad with the madness of absinthe. The most Luxurious Madness in the world. Let me be Mad Whisky and Beer are for fools. Absinthe for poets. Absinthe has the power of magicians. The Bottle is based on that Quote attributed to Wilde that starts "After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were" and I believe my art quotes him up to the part "...drives men mad."
  11. I find the clicking of the seesaw ones to be restful, the steady rhythm like a shaman's drum.
  12. I prefer my Gin in a London Dry style, though I've not had the pleasure or an Old Tom or Genever. I don't much care for American/New Wave/International style gins like Bluecoat, I often joke that American/New Wave/International Style Gin is for people that don't like Gin because in my experience they lack the back bone for cocktails. Their flavor profiles yield too easily to the other ingredients.
  13. Several being the keyword, the only method I didn't encounter when signing up was no free to join emails.
  14. As it is noted many place on this site that an introduction thread is mandatory, here I am introducing myself. Joining this website is a right pain the bum hopefully it'll be worth it. That said I despise mandatory introductory threads, I see them as a waste of time. I'm not really that grouch as this post makes it seem I just really really hate being forced to do this and I am by nature a private person.