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  1. after some reading, i realise i spelled several wrong and now im torn between Duplais and Mansinthe. hmmmm
  2. A really nice bar locally does absinthe and I figured I'd give it a taste before I dove head first into bottles. The list is: Mansinthe St George Mata Hari Lucid Superior Heritage Duplace 1912 Rouge Im leaning towards Mansinthe but would love ya'lls input on a first drink.
  3. Were are you looking? just about every online vendor from this list had it. http://wormwoodsociety.org/index.php/absinthe-vendors-commercial-32 If you can't order online, what choices do you have locally? Sadly most of those vendors (at least the ones in the US) are out of stock as well. And I was even going to pay the higher price of $100/bottle for it but no one seems to have it. Looks like itll be Terminus after all.
  4. I had googled the name and every vendor I saw was OOS so I thought i was SOL. Well, SOL isnt the right term I guess, I have a bottle of Terminus in my cart but I figure go all out for #1 and get the 1901. Also, that list JUST became visible once I got approved. I kept getting 404 messages before. So now I can see it, Ill be reading up on that too!
  5. Hey guys, Im interested in trying some absinthe and have been reading over some posts while I waited to be approved, but now I'm more confused than when I started! So I was going to go with a less anise drink (which I wont name because my flamesuit is at the dry cleaners...) but after reading thru the top 10 post, I now have my heart set on Jade 1901. Much to my chagrin I can not find it anywhere. What say you guys for a starter drink?