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  1. I use about 5 to 1 myself. Yes, I have enjoyed the experience but would not pay these kind of prices again. As I said, although I am impressed by the complexity, at the end of the day aniseed is not one of my favourite flavours! I would perhaps buy a cheaper brand, so may look out for those you mention. Absinthe is certainly well above Ricard and Pastis (let alone Ouzo!) in the list of aperitifs I would spend money on!
  2. Well, I tried the Edouard... I thought that in the end Absinthe may not be my 'thing', as I am not a great lover of aniseed flavoured drinks, be they French, Greek or whatever. But I must say I was pretty impressed with the complexity of the stuff - lots of different flavours coming through other than aniseed of course (might as well drink ouzo otherwise!) and those flavours stay on the palate a good long time. Plus the joy of the colour changes/louche as you add the water. I found, contrary to Pernod, Ricard etc., which I only like strong, one to one (ouzo gives me a queasy stomach, and I lived in Greece for 13 years so had ample chance to get used to it!), I liked the absinthe best with a lot more % ice-cold water, maybe 4 or even 5 to 1. I didn't add sugar at all... So, final verdict? Well, I am glad I tried it and may well buy more when this lot's finished (it's only a 20cl bottle, for starters). Pity the good stuff is so expensive though!
  3. ... actually the 1901 was out of stock I got some 1898 and the Esprit d'Edouard.. the latter sounds just as interesting as the 1901 (?)
  4. Hi. I received the bottles last week (1 x 1901 + 1 x 'Esprit d'Edouard'), but I haven't opened them yet! Probably at the weekend. Will let you know - I'm looking forward to it!
  5. OK, ordered a Jade Esprit d'Edouard and also a Jade 1898 ("Swiss"), to compare the two (the Jade 1901 was out of stock). As I don't have a sweet tooth, I may dispense with the sugar cube (??). The reviews here of the Esprit d'Edouard mention an innate sweetness in any case...
  6. Thanks.. Actually I don't have a sweet tooth at all (I don't take sugar in tea or coffee) so maybe I should leave out the sugar too, first go round, and see how I get on. Am ordering from absintheonline.com...
  7. That's what I'll get then - two 20cl bottlesto start with....
  8. Science is indeed wonderful, especially where it becomes Art.. Thanks for the links - I'd already seen the 'Serving Absinthe' page.. the video not, of course (nice!).
  9. I am new to Absinthe and want to start with something good (or I may never buy more after a bad experience of course!). I am probably going to buy some Jade PF 1901 - has anyone advice on how to serve it? How much water, sugar for instance. I think this one may need a little less sugar than many for instance? All down to personal taste, but I'd be interested in comments. Thanks
  10. Thanks. One idea - my brother's birthday is coming up next month and he and his wife love Pastis, Ricard and so on. A bottle of absinthe would be a great present for him, and I can then doubtless get to try it myself! I'll have a look at the review section.. I hadn't looked there yet. This looks a good choice: http://www.absintheonline.com/acatalog/Jade_PF_1901_absinthe_flask.html#SID=190?a139
  11. Thanks. Has anyone actually tried the Nemesinthe absinthe? Or even this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sebor-CL-25190-NVB-Absinthe-50-cl/dp/B003XWNLQ2/ref=sr_1_4?s=alcohol&ie=UTF8&qid=1440770784&sr=1-4&keywords=absinthe
  12. Hi. I am Martin from London, UK. I have lived all over the world for work, and pleasure (currently in Sri Lanka), including some years in Paris, where I used to treat myself to dinners in some of the wonderful Belle Epoque restaurants. The culture of absinthe has been known to me for many years - but so far, I have never tasted it all.. I must admit, I like anise-based drinks, but not passionately so. I lkived in Greece for 12 years and Ouzo I find quite horrible. Pastis and Ricard are pretty nice in small doses. I wonder if absinthe is really for me, but I at least want to try it out. So, for a complete novice (to asbinthe, not to fine wines and spirits otherwise!), could some people kindly recommend a good starting place? If I get a bad (or even neutral) first experience, it may also be my last... Requisites: 1. Not too expensive to start out with. 2. The 'real thing', something authentic with proper wormwood flavours - not additive-loaded concoctions like some of the East-European stuff I've read about. 3. Available in the UK (am returning in a few weeks) I like the sound of these, for instance: http://www.absintheonline.com/acatalog/Nemesinthe_absinthe.html#SID=114 http://www.absintheonline.com/acatalog/Enigma-Verte-FDC.html#SID=11?a182 though the latter is verging on expensive. The former looks good value for money?? Well, recommendations would be welcome. Thanks in advance. Martin