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  1. Evan, My purchase from absintheonthenet was great. Received all items in 4 days. Total purchase price was the same as it would have been for just the fountain from iHeart! A 4 spout fountain, 4 glasses, 4 spoons and sugar cubes! Very happy with my purchase. I realize they are not the Only US supplier but I will purchase from them again. Great communication and response vs the emails I sent to iheart with no reply for months!! Just wanted to offer this info in case anyone else was interested.
  2. Leichenwagen, I have not shipped into Canada but I believe there are some very strong restrictions depending on the province. I am hoping to get to Quebec to try some. Here is a link to what they have available. Not sure what you can pick up locally in the Western part of Canada but in Ontario there are only 2 and one I have been told is not really Absinthe and not very good. Hill's from Czech. Here is the link to what you can buy in Quebec: If any connoisseur's on here would like to chime in on which of these would be the best buy it would be appreciated. https://www.saq.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SearchDisplay?storeId=20002&catalogId=50000&langId=-1&pageSize=20&beginIndex=0&searchCategory=Entete&searchTerm=absinthe
  3. Going to try and paste image, not sure it will work.
  4. Wow, really? Oysters? I presume raw, which I also love....sounds like a good evening!!! Unpacked my special order, everything as expected. Exceptional quality in the fountain, glasses are from France, gorgous wormwood leaf spoons. Highly recommend Absintheonthenet.com if your looking for any wares or accesories! Poster, whathave you.Not sure how to post picture but go to this link to see the set I purchased. Delivered to Canada in 4 days! : http://www.absintheonthenet.com/Bistro-Metal-Absinthe-Fountain-Set-p/b4ss.htm
  5. I am so excited, my fountain has arrived today, complete set with glasses, spoons sugar, the whole shebang!! :yahoo:Can't wait to get home and assemble. Will post pics and link to site I purchased from in case anyone else is interested. I have yet to try Absinthe and the one I purchased was Lucid (only 2 available in Ontario and this was the better of the 2). I am planning to share with friends this weekend and wondering what kind of food/ noshes would you pair with Absinthe? Typically if we have wine / beer the cheese and crackers come out so I am wondering what is the best to pair with Absinthe.
  6. I have made my purchase from the one i referred to above, will let everyone know how it goes! Fingers crossed all is good!
  7. One last question, at least for now. Have any of you purchased from absinthonthenet.com? Prices look good but wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this online store?
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback, water bottle sounds easy but looking forward to the real presentation after dinner for instance. Need to get to Montreal or ask a friend if they are going! My son lives in Chicago so I may have delivered to him and have him bring it to me as a Christmas present! Better get on it if I want it this year!! Again, thanks looking forward to trying it, haven't cracked it yet!
  9. Hi, I am new to the forum and new to Absinthe. Have always wanted to try it so bought a bottle last weekend. Only 2 available at our local LCBO here in Ontario. I chose Lucid as I had been told the other one Hills Genuine from Czech Republic wasn't as good. Price difference of about $20. as well, Lucid is more expensive. I have yet to crack it open as I am trying to purchase all the gadgets to truly experience it properly. Having a very difficult time finding any fountains available in Canada. With the current exchange and import / custom fees its going to cost me. Has anyone had any luck with this and where would you recommend purchasing from? Appreciate any/all comments. Thanks, looking forward to chatting with you!