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  1. PBS's Prohibition is wonderful with a glass of absinthe. It is hard not to drink while watching it. All that talk of bowse makes you chapped.
  2. Thank you all. I am currently trying to get my spirits buyer to bring in more stuff. Unfortunately we have such issues with getting items approved as well as any time a name/upc/ect changes. We will do our best. I am pretty much our absinthe demographic, but hey it works for me.
  3. Greetings, My name is Karrie. I've actually been coming to this website for some years now and finally decided to join the forums. I have been drinking absinthe since the ban was lifted, have had plenty of good and plenty of bad. I work in retail that sells spirits and have constantly directed people who are interested in absinthe to the Wormwood Society. I figured it was finally time to join you fine folks instead of just sending people this way. I am a huge fan of Vilya Spirit's blanc. I love using absinthe to make strawberry shortcakes. I soak the cut strawberries in the absinthe instead of adding sugar. It imparts such a lovely flavor to the strawberries. I am aiming to host a class on absinthe at my work sometime closer to the holidays. I want to educate people about the history, way to serve, and how to use in cocktails. I did an impromptu casual tasting at my work one day. I used St George Absinthe verte since we just got it in and I wanted to try it. That short 1 hour session was a hit. Plenty of people who never had absinthe, or had it properly, enjoyed it. I can't wait to do a sit down class with different styles of absinthe. So if anyone has any suggestions of simple cocktails to teach people for this class, please let me know. I usually just drink absinthe simple. I know I want to do a Sazerac since I am in New Orleans after all, but other suggestions would be appreciated.