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  1. Has anyone here already tried this absinthe? I just received my bottle in the mail, can't wait to try it this weekend
  2. Correct! Blanchette is probably my favourite so far, although La Candestine might be taking that spot. It's hard to pick. I haven't opened the bottle of Berthe yet, will do soon ^_^ They are definitely interesting, and quirky too. They are not absinthes I'd drink often. Both the blanche and the verte have very distinct tastes, and there have been a few times where I simply did not like the verte. The Akvelds in the picture are from 2012 or 2013 though, I've read that the more recent bottles have become more consistent and, according to some, better. I might pick up a bottle again if I am nearby at some point. It would be interesting to compare the different years.
  3. Not a huge stash yet, but it is slowly growing
  4. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! I'll keep all suggestions in mind for when I place my next orders ^_^
  5. Hello everyone! I'm currently 26 years old and from Groningen, a city in the north-east of the Netherlands. Having lurked on these forums and the absinthe reviews for a while now, I figured it was about time to become part of this wonderful community. My first experience with "absinthe" was a bottle of Fruko Schulz from Czech several years ago. Obviously, that was not worthy ob the name absinthe in any way. Still, I somewhat liked the taste hidden behind all the chemicals, and it caused me to look into absinthe further. Searches on the internet quickly led me to Fee Verte and this website, where I got to read how crappy what I got was compared to proper absinthes. Finding decent absinthe in the Netherlands is a challenge though. There are two liquor stores in Amsterdam with a somewhat decent offering (about 8 different brands of which a few would be considered as proper absinthes), other than that it's just same same bottles of Rodnik's or Czech crap at local shops. Not wanting to spend a fortune (for me back then) on a bottle of Duplais, I got myself a Grande Absente. Still a fauxsinthe, but I liked it much better already. Later I ordered a bottle of Pernod, Akveld's Blanche and Akveld's Verte (two Dutch absinthes that I can't find in the review section on the website). The Pernod was obviously not impressive, but the Akvelds were my first tastes of real Absinthe. About two years ago, while I was in Berlin, I accidentally stumbled upon the Absinthe Depot. If you have never been there and are planning a trip to Germany at some point, I can really recommend it. It is a truly amazing place, even if only to look around and see what they have on the shelves! I tasted several absinthes there and brought a bottle of Lemercier Amer (also not on the website) home. A year later I came back and tasted several more absinthes (including a very minty one I really liked but probably should not really be considered absinthe, does anyone know which brand that might have been?). I came home with an other bottle of Lemercier and a bottle of Blanchette (my favourite so far). I have recently ordered a fountain and a few more bottles (Berthe de Joux, La Clandestine (which I tasted before in Berlin) and Bourgeois), which I hope to receive soon. I'm looking forward to participating on these forums more. And perhaps you have some suggestions on which absinthes to try next?