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  1. I finally got to try the Vieux carre, I made a traditional absinthe cocktail with sugar and ice water. I enjoyed the drink, it was very easy to drink and I look forward to drinking more!
  2. I ended up buying a bottle of Vieux carre, I havnt tried it yet, I'm waiting on a spoon and glasses to be delivered. I will note my experience and thoughts when I finally try it for everyone. Probably will be this weekend. I'm very excited! And again thank you everyone for all your help.
  3. I can have my local liquor store order Pernod and a few different other absinthe's in for me, I think I'll buy the vieux carre to try first and go from there. I'm sure I'll develop a taste for it, when I first started drinking beer I hated it but I kept drinking it and now I really enjoy it and my favorite style is the most bitter and hoppy tasting of them all, IPA's.
  4. Thanks for the Info Joe, thats very helpful to me being I'm new to absinthe. Thank you to the rest of you for the warm welcomes. I'm hoping someone that lives close to me will help me out and know a bar that has absinthe but I'll probably end up buying a bottle just because i'm very anxious to try it.
  5. Hello all, I'm new here and new to absinthe. I've been wanting to try absinthe for awhile now but I hadn't found it at a local bar and I really do not want to spend $60 on a bottle being I've not tried it before but if i can't find it I will just buy a bottle and hope I like it. My first question is, is there anybody on here that lives around Erie, PA and knows a bar that has absinthe and prepares it correctly? Second question is if I were to buy a bottle what would anybody recommend me to try first? The local liquor store only has two brands in stock Absente Grande and Vieux Carre. Thank you in advance