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  1. http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/topic/8545-absinthe-motifs-in-art-of-tk/ or http://tkartspace.wix.com/tk-artspace
  2. More images and info on : http://tkartspace.wix.com/tk-artspace
  3. "Absinthe Drinkers 2" 70x50cm acryl, tempera and lack on canvas 236€
  4. "Glass of Absinthe" ink on paper
  5. "Absinthe Drinkers 1" 70x50cm acryl, tempera on canvas 236€
  6. For artists is absinthe very interesting element/substance...especially for visual artists. Metamorphosis of colors, structure and consistency of liquid..Alchemic dance of water and oil.. Magical game of light, mist and shapes of clouds... For time to time, themes of mysterious absinthe seep also into my creative work. In this topic, i would like to show some of my paintings and drawings.
  7. thank you all for the welcome
  8. Hello absinthelovers I´m artist (painting, drawing..) from Czech Republic. I´m not new in absintheworld, but i like to learn something new from wormwood community. Later I would like to show my work. I think that some items may be interesting for you.