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  1. Strangely, yes...never realized that until now.
  2. Well a drinking quote, but it can most certainly applied to drinking absinthe. I recently read The Book of Absinthe by Phil Baker. This quote by Guy Debord stuck out to me. "First, like everyone, I appreciated the effect of slight drunkenness; then very soon I grew to like what lies beyond violent drunkenness, when one has passed that stage: a magnificent and terrible peace, the true taste of the passage of time." This is what time tastes like.
  3. American Spirits. First light blues (Too rough). Second dark blue (Still too rough). Finally settled on black (just right ).
  4. I want this book! Will have to order sooooooon.
  5. Welcome! St. George is very good.
  6. So I'm looking to buy another bottle now. I've heard about red absinthe. The first brand I came upon was Corsair Red Absinthe. Has anyone tried it or is there a better brand out there? Are red absinthe's worth it at all? Obviously it's a pretty significant departure from traditional absinthe. Thoughts?
  7. Okay than I'm halfway crazy. I knew it happened in the episode. it just probably wasn't absinthe.
  8. Like barely anywhere does it mention the scene but I remember seeing it. This is the only article I could find mentioning the scene. The second paragraph, Red talks about the "writer no one has ever heard of", Frederick Hemsted. I wish I could pull up a video of the actual episode.
  9. I don't know if anyone here watches The Blacklist. In episode 5 "The Courier", amidst all the action there is one scene that caught my attention. Red is talking to Agent Keane about a writer that no one has ever heard of. He tells them about how all the manuscripts on the walls of the house they are currently in belong to this writer. Also, he talks about the tons of bottles of nameless liquor the writer left as well. He drinks a cup of the liquor which looks suspiciously like absinthe. There is no mention of it online anywhere though. I'm just wondering if anyone watched or noticed it, or if I'm crazy. I might be crazy. Here is the only image I could find from the episode.
  10. Hello! I am PrivateRico. I am currently a college student just moving to his senior year. I started drinking absinthe probably close to a year ago. Now, it's all I drink, and all my college friends look at me funny. I always have to remind them that absinthe isn't hallucinogenic or anything like that. The legend is alive and well, I guess. Some of them are generally interested though. I love absinthe now. I love learning about all the rituals and history behind it. I'm currently making my way through a book about it. I still have a lot to learn though. Right now I have been trying what's available at local liquor stores. My favorite thus far has been Kübler Absinthe Superieure from Switzerland. There are so many brands out there. I want to try them all and always welcome suggestions. Like, I said still very green ( ) and have a lot to learn. :euro: :euro: