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  1. Hey, I'm writing this from memory -- next time I visit these particular shops, I'll be sure to update what they're carrying. I stopped by 7 seas last month -- I wish I had taken a picture of their stock. They had a good selection, but it wasn't as good as ripper911 had listed. They must have stopped carrying some brands. Mink's Package (Marietta, Delk Rd) Kübler Lucid Absente Grande Absente Mata Hari Decatur Package Store (Decatur, at Clairmont Rd and N Decatur Rd) Clandestine Vieux Carre La Muse Verte Toco Giant (Druid Hills, N Druid Hills Rd) Kübler Vieux Carre Mansinthe St. George (I'm 95% sure I saw this here -- I stop at this shop fairly often, so I'll check next time) La Muse Verte Grande Absente Mata Hari
  2. Hi everyone! I just recently started enjoying absinthe, and this place has been a great resource. So far, I have bottles of Viex Carre, Mansinthe, and La Muse, and I've also had a glass of St George at a bar, which was surprisingly prepared properly! Here's to spending more money on what's my new favorite type of drink!