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  1. Greetings everyone, I'm a professor of Asian Religions and have been an amateur absintheur since 2008, as well as a WS lurker for nearly as long. After trying a broad range of absinthes, from the Jade Liqueurs selections, la bleues like La Clandestine and La Capricieuse, and several others, I ultimately enjoy the Jades the most, with the Roquette 1797 a close second. I'm introducing myself now not only to express my appreciation for the Wormwood Society openly, but to also reignite a discussion on blended absinthes that I haven't seen talked about really since 2008. As a fan of the Jades, my trinity has become the PF 1901, VS 1898, and, recently, the Terminus. Since I'm equally a fan of blended whiskies and wines as I am of their non-blended cousins, I was curious if any movement has been made on good blended absinthes? What little discussion I've seen seems to suggest it's a waste of time (and good absinthe) at worst, or at best a way to raise a poor absinthe up by blending it with a superior absinthe. Lately I've decided to experiment between the Jades, since I figure similar origins might help, and so long as the result is good I'm not really wasting anything in terms of proportion. I blended half ounces of the 1901 and Terminus to make a full 1:3 glass, and have done the same with the 1901/1898 and 1898/Terminus. So far I've been pleased with the results--the starting color and louching between them have been especially vivid, and I've enjoyed the blended complexity of taste and bouquet. So far the 1901/1898 blend is my favorite, though, my girlfriend prefers the 1898/terminus. I've yet to go further with 1/3 blending, or even moving between brands, but I'm tempted to. Frankly, I was inspired by the blending set of distilled botanicals that Jade put out recently. I was just curious if anyone else has done similar experimenting? By the way, as I type this I'm enjoying a lovely "untainted" glass of Terminus. Cheers, Absinthe-Minded Professor