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  1. My husband just brought me a bottle of this. I know I've had it before, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it tasted like. Oh well, it's better than the other choice he had, which was the Van Gogh stuff. I am going to do an Alandia order soon, so that will make up for it.
  2. Cracked open a fresh bottle of Lucid to celebrate the first day of spring. Either too much water or too much sugar, not sure, but finishing the glass anyway. Will try no sugar next. Haven't had Lucid in years! I think it's improved a bit.
  3. I JUST bought a bottle of this! I hope it is good. I also got a bottle of Lucid, which used to be almost the only available absinthe around here. I will come back after a tasting tonight. Should I compare it to the Lucid?
  4. Hi. I am sort of a newbie. I was registered here once before and sort of active but then we hit a rough patch and had a few months where we had no internet, then my computer died, blah blah blah. Then I was too poor for nice liquor for a long spell. I have decided to get back into drinking what I like and that means premier tea and decent absinthe! I also now live in a bigger town so there is more to hand at the stores. Today I scored a bottle of Lucid, a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier and some Pernod. I also dug out my absinthenalia (couple of spoons and some glasses) for a little tasting party tonight. I placed an order overseas for a bubble glass and some sample bottles using the data base here on the forum. My husband is not thrilled with absinthe, but he will drink Pernod. He likes fancy Gin (as do I) and such, though. We live in Oregon and I am a photographer, I also collect vinyl records and am trying to get my vintage record player up and running. My husband works in computer security. We are planning on moving to Portland soon. My twin daughters (who are young adults) are here with us for a few more weeks, then they will go back to Korea to teach again. Glad to be back!