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  1. I see. It's not bad but it's not great either. Swampy louche, very licorice-y flavour, and slightly harsh after-taste.
  2. Has anyone tried the Absinthe Bizarre? Just got a bottle as a gift, made in Val-de-Travers. When I googled it I came across a website for a traveling cabaret show.
  3. Greetings from the Antipodes, I've been "lurking" on this forum for a few years now, perusing other people's opinions on what is and isn't a "good" absinthe while sampling a range of new and old world absinthes and developing my own taste for this enigmatic ambrosia. In that time I've decided that the Pontarlier-style is my preference. I find the François Guy perfect for picnics, and the Un Emile ideal as a refreshing after-work aperitif. I'm not a huge fan of the Val-de-Travers "la bleue" style although I do enjoy the wormwoody bite of the Angelique. Of the offerings from Fougerolles, I am a big fan of the Le Mercier Amer with its christmassy notes and for a big finish to a big night nothing can beat the appropriately named Libertine Intense. I do hope this is an appropriate introduction and look forward to future imbibing. Reveirs.