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  1. My stash has grown to over 40 bottles: French, American, Swiss, Czech, German. Too many to photograph. Bugnon and Martin are my favorite distillers by a very wide margin. Swiss absinthe rocks.
  2. Oh, that's too bad. Why is that? I've one unopened bottle of L'Ancienne left. Maybe I'll hold onto it indefinitely.
  3. Hi everybody. My family and I will be spending a few days in Val-de-Travers in July. I've emailed several distilleries, each of which was responsive and said they could give a tour in English. Other than the distilleries and Maison de L'absinthe, are there any other sights we shouldn't miss?
  4. Butterfly, Sade, and HR Giger Wolfsmilch are really turning my crank lately - more so than any of the Jades. Boheme, La Maison Fontaine blanche, maybe La Coquette if you don't mind ordering from Alandia. But if you must do the Jade, NO is my hands down favorite. I have a bottle of Mead Base. Not so impressed with it. It's okay. I'd probably rank all the Jades above it with the possible exception of VS 1898.
  5. I just bought 5 bottles of Wolfsmilch this morning, and it's not appearing as a best seller.
  6. Absinthe and alcohol are so routine as to have no effect on my sleeping. Nicotine is less frequent, increases my metabolism and reduces my sleep and also, fortunately, my need for sleep. I prefer night to day anyway. At the time of this post, it's 3:37am.
  7. I was wondering if anybody here has been on the absinthe trail. It stretches from Pontarlier to Val de Travers. If so, does anybody have any recommendations for hotels, distillery tours, boutiques, etc? We don't know quite what to expect. I'd really like to visit the distillery of Claude-Alain Bugnon (Butterfly + Sade + La Clandestine + Boheme = my hero). But I understand the distillery is small, and I don't even know that they offer tours. Anyway insight at all is appreciated!
  8. Is anybody familiar with the La Valote Martin line? I've fallen in love with HR Giger Wolfsmilch and wanted to try something else from the same producer, but the La Valote line is quite extensive. Wasn't sure where to start. Thanks.
  9. Hard to skimp with absinthe. Most of my favorites are at least $70 for 70 cl. Having said that, Kübler is my favorite budget absinthe at the moment. Can be bought for low $60's for a full liter.
  10. When was the last time you tried it? The reason I ask is because they implemented the 'solera' style system after the first few batches were bottled. If you had tried a bottle from the non-solera batch, it would more than likely be quite different from the newer bottlings. According to Ted, the recipes themselves were not changed for the U.S. market. Good question…I want to say the last bottle of PF 1901 I bought was no more than two years ago. The bottle I currently have is the first I've purchased under the new JL 1901 label. The differences I have noticed are as follows: 1. Color: Every bottle of PF 1901 I ever bought was bright peridot green. The current bottle is darker in color, with a more olive tone. 2. Aroma: The JL 1901 is very herbal and bracing. It reminds me a little of the Roquette, though it does not have the medicinal character of that absinthe. 3. Flavor: More intense that what I recall from the PF 1901. Again, it makes me think of VdF, although JL 1901 is more subtle and refined. If Ted Breaux says the recipe is unchanged, I'm not sure what is going on. Could the herbal ingredients have changed this much from year to year? I was unimpressed with my first bottle of 1901. It was unremarkable given the reviews and reputation. I thought something may have been wrong with my bottle, so I ordered a second one. The first bottle was a very beautiful emerald green but flat in taste. The second bottle was much darker, not as attractive but very complex tasting, very very good. I don't think any of the bottles of any type of Jade have had as much inconsistency in color and taste as those first two bottles of 1901. The bottles of 1901 I've had since have all tasted much better than that first bottle. I'm not sure why.
  11. This is my least favorite Jade. I do not understand the appeal. Not to bring the thread down.
  12. I want to clarify that I do not believe I got a bottle from a bad batch of BDJ. My point was that somebody like me who is still very much in the early learning stage may not know the difference between simply not liking something and it actually being flawed through the distillation/preparation process. In terms of the taste of BDJ, it was overpowering in all the wrong ways like it was at war with itself and at war with me and somewhat watery at the same time. I think I suffered through my first glass. But when I went back weeks later to give it another shot, I poured it out after only a few miserable sips. I wish I could give you more about aromas, flavors etc., but I'm just not fit to do it - at least not without pouring myself a third glass and taking notes - which I don't really want to do. My bottle of Roquette is much more likely a bad batch. It tastes very flat to me, and even giving it some leeway for the high alcohol percentage, the taste of alcohol is very much at the forefront. Still, I'm not going to pretend like I know what I'm talking about. Maybe they intended it that way. But when I read here that there was a bad batch, I figured that might explain it.
  13. Well, if you have somebody like me who likes to drink absinthe, but is not by any means an expert, how do you know what's a flawed product vs personal preference? My bottle of Roquette tastes like crap. My bottle of La Berthe De Joux tastes like crap too. Was there a bad batch of LBDJ or do I just happen not to like it?