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  1. Whew! Almost derailed the thread. I've never been to Fernley, Nevada. I must get out more. Cheers!
  2. When you live in a state that only has two absinthes in it........I almost feel obligated to like one of them. Or not.
  3. Another well done post. Thanks Evan, Cheers!
  4. I don't drink water like that. A future Darwin Award prospect. Please, flush him from the gene pool.
  5. I totally agree. Shop for what you desire and whip out the abacus!
  6. Well, that's better than, "fetch me a switch, NOW!"
  7. And it's folks like you that get the credit for carrying on the WS mission. Cheers!
  8. Old number 24. I've heard scotch improves with age also.Cheers!
  9. How about..........Wednesday? Cheers!
  10. The wormwoods are so very different in taste in the raw plant. Distillation makes a HUGE difference in Grand Wormwood. Petite or Roman wormwood is used in coloring and it has a much lighter flavor raw. Genepi is another that is a delightful when made into a liqueur.......I have a few bottles of it. The grand wormwood will impress you with it's distilled flavor. Add a bit of sugar and have a delightful digestif. Cheers!
  11. If that is on the menu.......I'm looking forward to it. NIce nice nice! Thank you!
  12. Good work MPC. Reward yourself! *Thumbs up* Hate to hear about migraines Vanessa. I'll second what Jules posted.
  13. Pacifique Marteau Leopold Bros. Batch 43 Ridge verte Good night all!
  14. The third glass on the right.......look up and to the right a little and you can juuuuuust see the ear. Pretty dang neat!