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  1. Is chrome better than stainless steel?


    Chrome won't wear as much as it may chip. Stainless is a wonderful material. Silver/sterling silver makes me smile and can grow a certain patina that some folks think is absolutely gorgeous.


    BUTT, my opinion is, when it comes to an absinthe spoon, use the product that seems right for you. As your experience grows and your fascination with the history expands, you will search out specific items that you can't seem to live with out.


    I have a number of reproductions that serve me well and also make wonderful parting gifts.


    I'm not a metallurgist(sp?). So, my opinion may be worth exactly the amount you paid. :cheerz:

  2. That was my intended point. They are selling more and as long as it's going well, the price will continue to rise.


    If the stuff were to stop selling, they'd have little choice but to lower prices. Or, hang on to it. We all know it will cellar well. :)


    Fortunately, there are more and more interested folks, so I don't see the demand dropping.


    That's the reason I stopped buying it. I prefer most pre-ban absinthes to Tarragona. Just my gentle opinion.


    The Tarragona is decent enough, but not my kind of decent. *shrug*