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  1. or ......old married guy

    or......often mis guided

    or.......ornery manipulative gentleman

    or........ OHHHH MY GAWD!!! (could have spilled something)

    (probably stepped in something)

    ( left the light on while I changed clothes)


    I often refered to my children as ronnie joe dammit or sandra kay dammit.






    Thanks for asking

  2. I've heard I can be fun.........I reckon it depends on what condition my condition is in. Please, be tolerant of a dumbass redneck. As a general rule, inside jokes are over my head. Thanks again for all the welcomes. The threads ramble as much as I do. It's ....kind of.........comfortable. Any questions? Groovy, Bill

  3. I can't remember a warmer welcome <sniff> . I will have to verify his findings and will certainly report on them. I have several things to offer my Bro in return and I will share my experience. Details may not be to forum standards but I'll do my very best. I really don't think i'm a total redneck but I certainly appreciate good drink. Kübler is tonights sippage. I find it very pleasant. Wear me out with questions.......I'll pretend it's a test.

  4. Greetings from Oklahoma,

    I have had an interest in Absinthe since my brother found a couple bottles in an old house about 15 years ago. He still has them. I didn't buy any until last year. My youngest child graduated high school last year and I was finally able to do something other than fund raisers, Boy Scouts and Orchestra. These were all wonderful things but it's my turn. LDF, La Fee and Absinth24 have been my main sources. LDF is my favorite to date. I'm in my early fifties and truly enjoy relaxing with a glass or two in the evening.


    I work for an Oilfield service company and really don't feel personally responsible for the high price of fuel. I get flamed enough for that in day to day life. My job is hectic and being on call 24/7 for the last twenty five years may have made me a bit grumpy.


    The amount of Absinthe information online is staggering and way varied. Just like my job it seems that separating the sugar from the shit is the key.


    This forum offers loads of opinions and I have some of my own.


    My other interests are coin/currency collecting and trading.


    Any questions?


    Thank you for letting me ramble and allowing me in your forum. ; )