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  1. Hmmmm......it's about time to make my next order to LDF. Just waiting for the Jade Ed. You folks made me curious enough to request a sample of the red stuff. I have seen it for sale but thought i'd keep my eyes and ears open for opinions. Pierreverte's description sounds.......interesting and I agree with the mini shipping comment.

    I'll stop ..... i do have a tendency to ramble.



  2. It is the Jade. No sugar. I don't feel qualified to do any type of review except " I like it". The seperator funnel and ring were resonable. The lightning/ground rod were from work and I made the base. It works better than the last fountain I purchased. A nice repro fountain is in my future but buying quality Absinthe is a higher priority. Hangovers don't appeal to me and Absinthe seems to work in my favor. Could be a mental thing.

  3. When I place Absinthe orders, I try to buy atleast two bottles. A one bottle purchase is almost obvious and I'm not good with rejection. I may try Mr. Lion next. I've used LDF and have not been the least bit disappointed. <sigh> Absinth24 is also good but one late order for christmas sort of put them near the bottom of the list. It's a short list though. Save up for 2. I've never done the ARAK.....I reckon it'll be shopped for soon.