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  1. I bought a fountain but it was inexpensive and worked poorly. This one I put together with a 500ml separator funnel and ring along with some scrap material found around the house. Adjust to desired heighth and drip as slow as you have the patience. I cut the top off for adding ice. Works very well.

  2. Welcome Toulouse



    As for the subject, I'm on the fence.....home distilling has been a part of our history forever it seems. Don't hear of many fatalities. Darwin awards tell the tale.


    Absinthe is a niche product. Like the individual stated a few replies above, maybe it's in "fashion". All I know is that it works for me.


    Making Absinthe legal may help with competitive pricing.


    As for being easy for under age people to acquire.....so are the parents car keys. It's easier to hide a bottle of alchohol under your coat though.


    Retail Package Stores = liquor stores. I call them Wine Sheds.


    I'd like to reserve my vote until I see a few more comments. Hate to be a waffler.



  3. As for being able to get across in words what I smell or taste I struggle. In conversation however, someone may mention a certain taste, smell, mouthfeel or other attribute and that may trigger my point. Practice is what I need and opinions from here have helped me pinpoint certain things. Also, my state of mind plays a large part in it as well. The reviews are helpful. I believe attending an event such as the ones upcoming would surely help.


    So far I have only sinked a couple. My enthusiasm keeps my piggy bank rather light.......could be a Twiggy bank.