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  1. On my second glass of Ike Blanche. Just pouring it in the glass there was an industrial chemical sort of aroma that caught me off guard. I don't use sugar but sugar may help. It seems the ratio makes tremendous difference. It feels good with a bit less water but that aroma. The smell is familiar but I just can't nail it down. More evaluation is in order.



  2. Saturday evening I put the dripper spout against the glass and let it ease in to the drink. There were some very nice swirls and no splashing. Dripping in the center of the glass works very well but water decelerating down the side is ripple free. Less distraction. Easing the water down the side also made the louche rise from the bottom. Clear water on the bottom indicated I had used to much.


    I found it rather neat.



  3. Back to the topic. I used a slow drip, about six minutes. It made a noticable difference. Now I'm working on the ratio. It takes practice. A mistake I've made is using more water than needed. The creamy smooth feel is very pleasant. You folks make very good points. Must be the years of experience you're eager to share.



  4. Starting off with a glass of Ike. Took about 6 minutes to louche with cold spring water. Gorgeous. Turned clear on bottom as the top got thinner. Neat pictures.






    Second glass of Ike. Nice




    First glass of Jade Ed, nice but I'm noticing the things that were described such as a funk or not as smooth in character as the Ike.


    I do hope I'm catching on.


    I truly enjoy this.

  5. Please, don't hate this. I have ordered from Ab24 to save shipping with a friend. This was early in my quest. Having compared Ab24 to other vendors in bottom line price, I have to agree with the distinguished individuals above. Costs are close but their missions are 180 degrees out. I prefer LdF and Markus. My money goes to the higher principals. I work hard for my dollars and would like to see them used in a positive way.

    Trip'n Balz ain't it.

  6. Setchaseff down ratcheer n'have sum gree-its, aiight?



    It does frighten me that I actually understood this!



    Let me understand. The internet was blamed as well as our individual surroundings.


    My grammar needs work. My punctuation is sorely lacking. My spelling is my strong suite and it is atrocious at times. I did allow myself to get lazy in chat rooms. The work I do depends largely on acronyms. More lazy.


    I blame myself for the way I am. The choices were made but they should have been geared towards discipline instead of easy.


    This forum has enlightened me. Having my posts corrected for spelling, punctuation and grammar do not chafe but inspire me to improve.


    I tip my hat to those folks.


    This isn't a rant but merely an observation.


    If I didn't like it all i'd have to do is pull up my big boy pants and leave. Amazing that a simple redneck like myself can recognize and capitalize from the contents.


    Thank you all.



  7. If i'm not using sugar I drip down the side of the glass for deceleration. There are times I ease an ice cube in and just watch the trails. The louche gradually forms on the bottom and works it's way up........very relaxing. The drip frequency is dictated by my mood. I have poured the desired amount of cold water and added an ice cube. So far, each glass I make has it's own personality. I hope to be experimenting with these for quite some time. Absinthe is my hobby. A pleasant one at that. :)





  8. All this hallucination talk is interesting. As a teen in the sixties I just smile and nod during those discussions. Tonight will be FG. I had a sample glass a couple days ago and decided to do a bit more experimenting. I will indulge in Jade and CLB tomorrow night during the WS and Mountain time gatherings.



    I wish you all safe travels.