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  1. Some places have a maximum. I have ordered up to 8 bottles at one time and had no problem. If I am ordering for myself I try to order at least three. Seems if you order one at a time it's more obvious. There seems to be justification in ordering three or more in regards to shipping costs. Ask the distributors opinion. The good ones will be very helpful.

  2. A white film has also been with Razzouk Arak. I also wash my glass after each use of a Blanche. There have been a couple times when there was an oil slick on my drink and those didn't taste good at all. I did sink a glass of Arak because it was terrible and I did notice an oil slick just before tasting it. I thought maybe the glass was not clean OR not rinsed well after washing. Removing the film also removes chances of a poor drink.


    Merely a humble opinion. Suggestions?

  3. It appears Doubs was merely trying to hit all levels of interest.


    If it were mine I wouldn't market the stuff as Doubs Ho-Hum.


    WS members seem to be open minded folk. I saw pictures from the last gathering.


    The reviews seem unbiased.


    Some of us have wasted good money on crapsinthe early on based on marketing.


    It wouldn't surprise me to see fashion ads with models sipping Absinthe at a party with the publicity it has had.