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  1. I have often heard/read that hyssop is used in a blanche during distilling.

    No need to let the little weed set idle on the shelf.

    There have been a few(more actually) vertes produced without hyssop for coloring.

    Absinthe is a favored drink in our home.

    I've learned a lot on this forum.

    As for a Brandy base.....wouldn't that be a grape base just not aged?

    I reckon it can't be called brandy unless it's been aged the minimum two years.


    Maybe, just maybe, I should read more before posting drivel. I'm drunk-ish, Flame on!

  2. I've recently found out that we have some dang decent breweries in this state.

    Last evening I enjoyed one of Prairie Artisan Ales, Bible Belt. Pretty good by local standards. :)

    I followed that by an offering from Coop Brewery, F5. Pretty sure it's a play on our tornadoes.


    I've enjoyed the local offerings so much lately.


    After dinner it was a full glass of Marteau.


    It's nice to be home.