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  1. I'm out on descriptors but I enjoy some of the half dozen different brands. My taste buds are a wreck and I just usually build a drink and chill. To you all, Cheers!
  2. Just sipping a Verte and listening to Leonard Cohen.....live in London. This guy and his band of musicians are, to me, seamless. The booze is decent and the music is better. I'm not a music critic, just an end user. Cheers! B
  3. I'm sipping a vintage 2008 verte that has turned dead leaf but seems to be working just fine on this gorgeous evening. I'd give it a #.......hmmmm......24.
  4. A nice fat Martini. Using Leopold's gin. Batch 1204........if that makes a difference.
  5. Last night I sipped Marteau with label dated 11/09. Even just a few years will change the booze. This one was very positive. Cheers!
  6. I am curious. Just heard of the product a few days ago. Looks like I'll be shopping for absinthe for the first time in at least a year and some change. IMHO, Ted hasn't let me down yet. I'll be reading reviews soon I hope.......while I roll some change. Cheers! Y'all.
  7. Started with a little prototype absinthe, then on to a prototype gin. Screw that! I'm now sipping a 2012 reserve THE ABYSS. The perfect nightcap for this lonely Okie. Cheers!
  8. Welcome to the WS. Grand to have you with us.
  9. A few simple glasses of Sauvage (sp?) Feeling quite pleasant. Precious' Dawg has gone and waiting at the rainbow bridge for her. Raised him from a tiny pup and he was with her 14 years and 11 months. She is doing ok. Thank you all.
  10. I enjoy all those mentioned above. I'm not really a fan but I enjoy them when the mood calls for it. Cheers!
  11. <<1797 Essai Numero 1>> I had forgotten so much about this batch. Some Marteau and Vilya Verte. Setting, sipping and reflecting on a loved one that passed today. No more pain.
  12. Silvertip gin and tonic. Yes, light, refreshing and delightful.
  13. Hi folks. Been out of touch for awhile. I'll try to fix that. Cheers!
  14. I have often heard/read that hyssop is used in a blanche during distilling. No need to let the little weed set idle on the shelf. There have been a few(more actually) vertes produced without hyssop for coloring. Absinthe is a favored drink in our home. I've learned a lot on this forum. As for a Brandy base.....wouldn't that be a grape base just not aged? I reckon it can't be called brandy unless it's been aged the minimum two years. Maybe, just maybe, I should read more before posting drivel. I'm drunk-ish, Flame on!
  15. I've recently found out that we have some dang decent breweries in this state. Last evening I enjoyed one of Prairie Artisan Ales, Bible Belt. Pretty good by local standards. I followed that by an offering from Coop Brewery, F5. Pretty sure it's a play on our tornadoes. I've enjoyed the local offerings so much lately. After dinner it was a full glass of Marteau. It's nice to be home. B
  16. Welcome! From one jerk to another.......in here, you're in great company. Cheers!
  17. Vilya Gin and a splash of tonic. Vilya Martini on deck. Cheers!
  18. I heard tell there was going to be a hangin' or something. The curiosity is barely tolerable. I'm just sampling a few CO's that have been lingering around the house. Cheers!
  19. I try to help but I stumble over my booze. Catskill Cellars is run by some wonderful folks and are Extremely easy to deal with. Tell them the WS sent you. Cheers!