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  1. I may add ice from time to time. Personally, I like to start with a cool glass of absinthe and let it get closer to room temp. I find that I see, feel and taste the different subtleties of the drink.

    If you drink good booze, why not try to get the most from your drink. JMHO of course.

    If it's too cold, I don't think you do the booze justice.


    Again, just my personal experience. I'm sort of new to the drink myself.


    I'm learning, Cheers!

  2. My story runs so parallel with Emerald's.

    Mine was with my therapist.


    My psychiatrist on the other hand was different.

    I went into his office with my Wormwood society t-shirt on and he said, you're certainly wearing that as a joke.

    What's the joke, Doc? You don't need to be drinking that stuff.

    He allowed that if it were a legal drink, it wouldn't have been banned.

    Our session lasted about fifteen minutes. He and I are the same age.

    Neither one of us wants conflict or drama.

    I told him that his knowledge of medications was far greater than mine.

    Then I told him that I obviously spent about the same number of years studying Absinthe.

    His face got red and veins on his forehead and neck were prominent.

    I wondered what drug he was on. I didn't ask. ;)


    We parted both wearing fake smiles.


    Another wonderful day of bliss.



  3. Wow! That story is very similar to one I had with my therapist several years ago.


    I did, in fact, bring good absinthe to our session. Chilled bottle of water.

    Two glasses, I prefer smallish servings, and we sipped a bit as the session continued.

    I asked her the next time if she had enjoyed the booze. Affirmative!

    She was given a few samples of decent booze and thanked me.


    There are details but who needs that. ;)