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  1. Finished our last bottle of Ridge Blanche while listening to pink Floyd. Yes, I'm one of those. Thank you! Vilya Spirits certainly rocks.
  2. Hey FPB, I've been exposed to so much chat speak of late. Let me see if I can fix myself. *wink emoticon* Cheers!
  3. Jade Terminus. Test driving the stuff right now.
  4. I may add ice from time to time. Personally, I like to start with a cool glass of absinthe and let it get closer to room temp. I find that I see, feel and taste the different subtleties of the drink. If you drink good booze, why not try to get the most from your drink. JMHO of course. If it's too cold, I don't think you do the booze justice. Again, just my personal experience. I'm sort of new to the drink myself. I'm learning, Cheers!
  5. My story runs so parallel with Emerald's. Mine was with my therapist. My psychiatrist on the other hand was different. I went into his office with my Wormwood society t-shirt on and he said, you're certainly wearing that as a joke. What's the joke, Doc? You don't need to be drinking that stuff. He allowed that if it were a legal drink, it wouldn't have been banned. Our session lasted about fifteen minutes. He and I are the same age. Neither one of us wants conflict or drama. I told him that his knowledge of medications was far greater than mine. Then I told him that I obviously spent about the same number of years studying Absinthe. His face got red and veins on his forehead and neck were prominent. I wondered what drug he was on. I didn't ask. We parted both wearing fake smiles. Another wonderful day of bliss.
  6. Wow! That story is very similar to one I had with my therapist several years ago. I did, in fact, bring good absinthe to our session. Chilled bottle of water. Two glasses, I prefer smallish servings, and we sipped a bit as the session continued. I asked her the next time if she had enjoyed the booze. Affirmative! She was given a few samples of decent booze and thanked me. There are details but who needs that. Cheers!
  7. I still have an unopened bottle of the first run. Found it just the other day.
  8. Tonight finds me sipping a local Gin and questionable tonic water. It sort of works.....one poor balances out the other poor. I am living the dream! Cheers!
  9. The dilution and the temperature will make a different drink. Mine go from cool to room temp and I get to play " guess the botanical" game. It's like adding water to Scotch......each bit added will unleash a different aroma. Just remember, I'm new at this and have loads to learn yet. Cheers!
  10. Mouthwash is much better than a vast majority of those. Also much cheaper. A story comes to mind........perhaps another day. Cheers!
  11. HA! I was the second post. I told you my brain took a vacation and isn't all there. Better soon.
  12. Not for awhile, I don't believe. You can't swing a dead cat in any liquor store without hitting an absinthe know-it-all.
  13. Wow! That guy certainly had an uneducated opinion. Nice Find Redwun. Then he started politics. Booze and politics rarely mix well. Cheers!
  14. Gin? Why, yes, I'm a fan. Cheers!
  15. PF c. 1914 and Pink Floyd. Purrfect. Cheers!
  16. Tonight was Pink Floyd with Pernod Fils c. 1914. Need I say more? Nope. It was just F'n right. Drained the bottle with headphones on and no distractions. Cheers!
  17. A friend brought a bottle of German Beer Liquer(sp?) It was neat and quite a surprise. The whole label was in german. He thought it was a german beer. interesting stuff.
  18. A few homebrews with a couple beer guys. Purrfect day for tasting on the patio. It should be an interesting few hours. Cheers! B
  19. They appeared to harbor a chip on their shoulder. Could be sticker shock. I try tenderness first. Then we'll let that simmer a bit and see what the next course shall be.
  20. I'll probably start with......I know this is probably not right but a......tremblement d'Terre. I'm fond of those when there is no good place for a bottle.
  21. Nice! There are all sorts of FAQ's on the main page. Very helpful. The review section is amazingly helpful. Other than that, we welcome you to a very tasty but wallet thinning journey. Cheers! Oooops, I guess I was to late to put a Band-Aid on it. I tried.
  22. I watched a bit of football with the wife and her sister. So I drank. Sipped Prairie Bomb by Prairie Artisan Ale. Only two. Then finished the evening with The Abyss 2012. I should have stopped at two. Cheers!