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  1. Mmmmmmm, Perique is one of my very favorite drinks.
  2. Just sipping a small glass of Marteau. Listening to vintage Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. Finally able to sign in. Cheers!
  3. What G says. I know where a full bottle is and for the right money, it can be had. Cheers! B
  4. Finished the last of my Jade Edouard.......Nov 2005. Sipped a bit of 1804 Sauvage. capped the evening with Perique. What a lovely day. Cheers!
  5. I agree with all posted. Dark chocolate works well in my opinion. Cheers! B
  6. Thank you, Jaz. I'm looking forward to getting more. Cheers!
  7. Prairie makes some delightful brews. If you get your hands on some Pirate Bomb........It will be worth the effort. For the last coupe years we have been drinking local brews. Some have really nice products. I have some Prairie Bomb in my desk right now. Cheers!
  8. Silvertip Gin and Tonic.....followed by.................well, let's just see where this ends. Cheers!
  9. Prototype #17. It was built November 2007. Much too easy to drink.
  10. I find that I purchase domestic Absinthe mostly. Your list is a damn good start. There are some damn fine distillers in the lower 48. Good luck and have fun!
  11. Pacifique and a prototype 30 with a star. It works for me.
  12. Pacifique. Last bottle. Pairs well with the weather.
  13. I've still not had any of the Delaware Phoenix Absinthes. I know they must be good because of my trust in reviews. One of these days........ Peace. B
  14. Belle Amie Pacifique. Lovely Absinthes. Cheers! B
  15. I haven't had the MoL nor the other one.........pesky brain, I can't remember. One of these days perhaps. As far as my top ten, they all share the same number. That way I can move them laterally versus vertically. Mostly it rarely changes, they all mean the same to me. Just depends on which absinthe suits the mood I'm in.
  16. Thank you, Bauble! It was a decent day. Very little blood shed and no real loss of life. Slow chat later. Peace!
  17. Thank you, Krinkles! I failed to locate my pre-ban stash. I'll search for it by the next holiday or funeral I attend. Belle Amie was handy. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Peace!
  18. You folks are too nice to me. Thank you so much. Easter Sunday and my Birthday on the same day.........can't remember that ever happening before. To all of you,
  19. Aww Shux, thank you, Absomphe. It's also a very nice looking glass.
  20. We will be sipping some good booze tonight. I will anyway. Thank you, folks. I appreciate you, everyone of you.
  21. I like it because it's different. Not exactly like the other Jades but not a bad booze. I appreciate the members that shared with me. Thank you so much. B
  22. Started with a curious blanche. Continue with Ridge Blanche. Not sure what may be next. I may have a touch of pre-ban for tomorrow. This is awesome stuff. (the Ridge stuff) Time for some Genepi liqueur. Hugs and cheers!