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  1. Last night, my husband and I were out celebrating Mardi Gras when we came upon the tasting room of a microdistillery we didn't even know existed in our town. We sampled some of their beer We fell in love with their Crow Foot Stout and took some of it home. The company is called Seminar Brewing and you can only find their beer at a few places in Florence, SC.
  2. Oh, I am definitely getting some of the blanche when I can!
  3. I don't have a very sensitive palate, but there's this wonderfully complex taste underneath what I assume is the wormwood.
  4. Vilya Vert. First time I've had it and it is wonderful! I just got it via FedEx today, so maybe I should have let it rest a bit before trying but I couldn't resist!
  5. I've yet to try a blanche. How does this new one compare with other blanches?
  6. My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to buy absinthe every couple of months simply because of the price. But, when you really love something and the price is legitimate, then it doesn't matter. It's an investment in an industry and in something you love. But like Deluge says, it's stupid for mediocre producers to charge so much for crapsinthe.
  7. Well, if you kept the clippings, then, technically, you still have the hair...
  8. I'm sorry....earl grey liqueur??? Earl grey and alcohol, two of my favorite things in one glass!
  9. ....But how can it be absinthe if there is no anise?