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  1. Almanac - Vanilla Cherry Dogpatch Prarie - Funky Gold Simcoe To Øl - Fuck Art, Let's Dance on gooseberries To Øl - Nelson Survin To Øl - Sur Amarillo Firestone Walker - Bretta Rosé Alvinne - Cuvée Freddy batch 3 Avery - Tectum et Elix (barrel-aged series 26) Avery - Insula multos Collibus Ladyface - Coquette Ladyface - Verrückt Weizen Libertine - Scrappy Libertine - Wild IPA Libertine - Joker Libertine - Jove Libertine - Summer Breeze with peach and raspberry Mikkeller - Spontangreenapple Cascade - Blackcap Raspberry Cascade - Sang Noir Green Flash Cellar 3 - Natura Morta Plum Highwater - Ramble on Rose Tahoe Mountain - Dark Ages, Brett stout Tahoe Mountain - Récolte Du Bois, apricot saison Toolbox - Old Bayard Toolbox - Chêne Sauvage Toolbox - Ruby Grimm - Echoplex Smog City - Spittin' & Cussin' Smog City - Cuddlebug Smog City - Snugglebug Stone - Barrel-Aged Saison w/ blackberry Lost Abbey - Framboise de Amorosa Stone Sour Fest 2016
  2. 'Breaking Bud' is an IPA made by Knee Deep Brewing in Auburn, CA. 'Kook' is a DIPA made by Port Brewing in San Diego, CA. I have a keg of each in my kegerator, which is made by the company called 'True'. I am alternating between the two and wondering why I hadn't purchased a kegerator for my home long before. Sorry, I tend to abbreviate my vernacular at times. Cheers.
  3. Knee Deep, Breaking Bud and Port Brewing, Kook out of my new True kegerator. Why didn't I get one of these earlier?
  4. Sante Adarius - 831 ipa Anderson Valley - Briney Melon Gose
  5. Speaking of pumpkin beers, I had the new Almanac Pumpkin Sour tonight. It was different than last years Dark Pumpkin Sour, much better actually. Likely the best pumpkin beer I've had thus far as I'm not usually a fan. Also had their new Citra Sour which was dry-hopped. It sounds good but I doubt I would buy it again. Finished off with Rare Barrel's Home, Sour Home which, as I have probably said before, is one of the greatest sour beers I've EVER had. It's a golden sour brewed with peaches, cinnamon, and vanilla which comes out like a perfectly balanced peach cobbler beer, a sour one of course. Extremely interesting
  6. Thank you for the feedback, Mr. Jarry. It was very helpful and much appreciated
  7. Ive been wondering how Walton Waters compares to Meadow of Love. MOL is definitely one of my favorites and I cant seem to buy WW in its place though maybe I should try it
  8. A queef! HAHAHA, I believe you are correct. As far as session ipas go, I have to mention that Stone's 'Go To' IS THE GREATEST SESSION IPA I HAVE EVER HAD BY FAR!!!!! One of the best beers they have ever bottled acutally, definitely as far as mass production. Anyway I had to put that out there. Karl Strauss' Mosaic Session is #2 in my book but definitely look for that Go To, the citrus notes they (Stone) have captured are beyond phenominal
  9. We hear the Jade Terminus is even better than both the Edouard and PF1901. Might have to order some soon. Personally, at this point, I like the Terminus better than all of the previous Jades. Before I would stick to 1901 and CF Berger but Ill be buying Terminus almost exclusively from now on as far as Jade goes. Maybe I need to go back and try them all again but I didnt like Eddie as much as the others, perhaps due to the higher alcohol content (not that I possess the most refined palate). To be fair, I only bought Eddie twice in my life so maybe the batch wasnt what it usually is. Something for me to think about. Anyway, just my 2 pennies
  10. As far as mass production, those are good. Although there are quite a few in bottles that will out do all of those if you can find them. In no specific order: Knee Deep - Breaking Bud Knee Deep - Lupulin River Mother Earth - Boo Koo Kern River - Just Outstanding St. Archer - Mosaic IPA El Segundo - Hammerland Beachwoods - Melrose Noble Ale Works - I Love It Noble Ale Works - Tongue Tickles Noble Ale Works - Citra Showers Noble Ale Works - Mosaic Showers Bottle Logic - Recursion Belching Beaver - Great Lei Pina Colada IPA Hyland Park - Bonkers just to name a few I just bought the new Stone - Thunderstruck IPA, ill report back
  11. THAT'S what the other one is, thanks Cajun. Ill have to give that a try, along with the Butterfly. There was also a bottle of Pernod, which is supposedly the most popular there, but it was cut out of the pic. Gonna try to go back tonight with a lady friend
  12. Found this spot today called the Attic in Long Beach. Complete with a fountain. I played it safe with La Clandestine today but Ill be back to try the rest. Didn't recognize a couple of them
  13. Yea im not a huge fan of it either, but the story behind it is pretty funny
  14. Knee Deep's Breaking Bud IPA. Lower alcohol and malt, very hop forward. Specifically Mosaic. Phenomenal Probably move on to a glass of Delamain Pale & Dry X.O next
  15. Hell yea it is, one of my favorites. They do a one-off with cherries too which is amazing as well. Only thing I enjoy more from them is the Sour in the Rye one-off made with coconut. One of the top 3 sours I've ever had along with Cascade's Bourbon Honey Lime Ginger (which you can taste in exactly that order) and Rare Barrel's Home Sour Home, which is like a peach cobbler sour. Don't quote me on those, my opinion may change with experience
  16. I agree Ab, Dorado was very good when first released (much like Sculpin) but has gone downhill like the rest of their beers (except for their one-offs, they are great). I wont drink it anymore. Originally, I believe it was a double IPA, not an Imperial, but Im not sure if the recipe changed. It has seemingly gone the way of Moylan's Hopsickle. Sad
  17. I went to Stone's Sour Fest in Escondido last Sunday, just thought I would post what I got to try albeit a week late. I was lucky enough to have a few friends with me so we got to try a lot more than the allowed 15. Ill be going every year without fail from now on. Such an amazing restaurant and location, I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't. Cantillon - Iris Libertine - Pumpkin Cranberry Porter Libertine - Summer Breeze Peaches Cascade - Vlad the Imp Aler Cascade - Sang Royal Cascade - Noyaux Cascade - Manhattan NW (2013) Cascade - Strawberry Cascade - Bourbonic Plague Toolbox - Grass Fed Lettuce Almanac - Devil's Advocate Almanac - Brandy Barrel Peche Almanac - Valley of the Heart's Delight Almanac - Dogpatch Sour 3 Fonteinen - Oude Geuze Golden Blend Modern Times - Empty Hats Modern Times - News From Nowhere Rare Barrel - Map of the Sun Rare Barrel - Ensorcelled Rare Barrel - Soliloquy Paradox - Skully Barrel #18 Paradox - Skully Barrel #22 Paradox - Skully Barrel #25 Paradox - Skully Barrel #26 Paradox - Skully Barrel #17 Paradox - Skully Barrel #24 Paradox - Skully Barrel #3 Avery - Tectum et Elix Avery - Insula multos Collibus Avery - Fortuna Avery - Lilikoi Kepolo Lost Abbey - Framboise de Amorosa Stone - Passion Project Stone - Barrel-Aged Brown Ale with Balaton Sour Cherries
  18. Damn good choice, i love that stuff. Makes a great beer float
  19. Knee Deep Breaking Bud IPA Knee Deep Lupulin River Imperial/DIPA One of the better breweries for West Coast IPAs nowadays. Is it me or has the definitive labeling of Imperial IPAs and Double IPAs been getting blurred lately? I know the difference but I feel that alot of people think they are interchangeable. Oh well, I guess Ill just shut up and drink one....whatever it is