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  1. Fremont Dark Star Coffee 2017 and Coffee Cinnamon Bourbon Abominable 2014.

    Love the Abominable Coffee Cinnamon! Great choice!

    hamburg oms. :heart:


    have you ever had their backwoods bastard? it's a fine sipper, if we do say so, sir. also, gotta' love those goblet glasses. bar none, the best.

    It's a fantastic beer! I've only and 2 of them to date but hard to get out in CO. Have to trade for them.

  2. Finally cracked one of my bottles. I'm really digging it. I have a bottle of La Faucille and Sans Frontiers on the way as i hear they are WW concentrate's as well!


    That being said i've never personally tried a pre-ban and if anyone ends up with a sample they are willing to sell please let me know.

  3. Butterfly is my current darling, along with La Grenouille. I plan to buy one Sade bottle on my next order to absinthes.com, at the end of April.

    Did you grab a Sade? Thought? Starting to hear great things about it and thinking of ordering myself. I have a backlog of bottles now but don't want to miss out on great offerings. Thanks in advance.

  4. Omnipollo Yellow Belly Peanut Butter Biscuit Stout & Omnipollo Barrel Aged Yellow Belly Peanut Biscuit Stout Sundae. Crazy that they both smell and taste like a girls scout PB sandwich cookie with chocolate and bourbon.


    If anyone is in the Denver area for BCBS grapevine liquor store has been randomly hiding 2014 BCBS on the shelves for those lucky to come across them. I haven't been a lucky one yet :)

  5. Not going to lie I saw a Black Friday deal on the Slipstream and bought one. I was curious more than anything. I have to say i was impressed with the louche. I much prefer drinking out of a regular absinthe glass but the experience was cool just watching everything take place. I calculated the weight of the ice plus water to ensure after the ice had melted the ratios were not off as well as blew in the mouth piece before getting a first gulp of 100% Absinth.


    I prefer my fountain but in all honesty this was quicker and easier (more fun for me) having a single glass. Might all change with my balancer dripper that is also on the way. Is the best way to link a video to the forums to upload to dropbox then link? I took a video an can provide it if anyone is interested. I got mine shipped for $30 which was reasonable. I don't think i would buy it for $50 or whatever the regular rate is.