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  1. So, I had me some Vieux Pontarlier for the first time a couple nights ago, I noticed the faint smell of chocolate as I opened the bottle, kind of strange as I haven't had that with other brands, although I haven't had as much experience with Absinthe as most on this board. As I drank Vieux Pontarlier it was smoother than Lucid or Absente (which are the other Absinthe brands I have had) but it had a really weird after taste like that of a block of wood a 2X4 if you will, but not so much as to ruin my taste for it at all. I enjoyed Vieux Pontarlier the most out of the three brands I have had so far, and I will purchase another bottle when I have finished with this bottle. I would really like to know if the wood taste is normal for this brand or if there may be another reason for it, and what about the smell of chocolate?
  2. Ever since I have been learning about Absinthe, I have been told that absinthe should come in dark bottles, is there any truth to this? I have noticed a lot of brands are not in dark bottles. Does it really make a difference if the bottle is dark or not? Sorry if this is covered elsewhere on this site.
  3. Hello this is Gary I am from Indiana, I really new to absinthe, but I really like it. I am here to learn about this amazing drink. I have tried two different brands Lucid and Absente, I have since learned that Absente is not really considered Absinthe, also recently bought a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier although haven't tried it yet. Any other information on absinthe would be great. I don't get a drunk feeling from absinthe I get more of a high or stoned feeling do any of you experience this?