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  1. Werewolf....Therewolf! Welcome. Try not to get on the gals bad side right away... Hissykitties might send Harvey Keitel after you!
  2. Welcome, fair Brandywine. This is a great place to learn about absinthe
  3. Yea, we're really well known for our sheep up here... Boston Baked Sheep...Sheep on the half shell...Sheep with drawn butter...Fenway Sheep
  4. Ditto. I got into Absinthe just a couple of months ago because they were selling La Fee Parisian on the flight over and at the duty free in the airport. It got me going and prompted me to learn more about it, and here I am. Now my shelf is stocked with 6 different bottles and the folks here have taught me a lot. I still like the La Fee, but it's heavy on the anise. While you're in the UK if you can't find anything else, you can at least go into any Tesco supermarket and grab a .5L any time you like.
  5. The CLB is my new favorite. I just got my first order with 3 others and this is my fave of the bunch. I've mentioned this on other threads, so don't want to be redundant, but since this is the CLB thread I wanted to throw in my two cents. It is clean, and crisp and has a refreshing ... dare I say ... flavour.
  6. In the Heathrow duty free coming back to the states in Jan there were three absinthes available. I had already been drinking the La Fee Parisian, and that was the only one I had tried at that point, I laid off the Sebor, thankfully. But then I bought the La Fee Bohemian...
  7. I like the new coat, G&C. I'm having a wrestling match with the edit window. Every time I try to change the spelling of flavour in the post above, it keeps adding the 'U' in there. I've tried to edit it 5 times, but it keeps changing it back. Let's see if it does it here. flavour
  8. I don't know. I'm trying to like this one and I'm having trouble. I suppose my palate isn't refined enough as I'm still new to this, but I find my face making strange contortions when I drink the Monty. It has a medicinal flavour I'm having a tough time getting around. At present it's my least favorite of the four I just bought in my first order. In order of preference they are CLB, Ike, Jade VS and then Monty. Although it's a toss up with the VS because that has a strange quality to it too, but I'm loving the CLB and Ike.
  9. Another Bostonian here too. Welcome. I'm a new guy too, but Grey boy is the Jedi master of this region. We'll have to get more of us together for a hang. I'm a little south of the city and working on my bottles, but finding they don't go down as easily as they used to, Grey. Anyway, welcome. There's lots of great info here and great folks too.
  10. Welcome, fair Cactus, to the forum. You'll find an interesting cast of characters here. I'm new too, so I'm still learning about the folks. Keep us posted on how you like the NO. My first order arrived over a week ago and I'm enjoying the Jade VS as one of the four that I got along with Eichelberger, Clandestine LB, and Montmatre.