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  1. Just opened a fresh bottle of Gustave Barrel-Aged absinthe. It's good now, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it tastes after I let it rest for a week.
  2. I hear you -- I'm wary of barrel-aged stuff in general because it often imparts too much wood/vanilla flavor for my taste. However, I enjoyed Roquette 1797 Barrel Aged so much that I decided to take the chance on the Gustave (despite them being from different distilleries.)
  3. I ran across a Paul Devoille absinthe I've never seen before called Absinthe Gustave 72% -- both a regular and a barrel-aged version. There's not a review page for either on this site yet, so I was wondering if anyone has tried them and has any thoughts. One reason I'm interested in the absinthe is the claim in a couple of reviews that it somewhat resembles pre-ban in style. (It's based off a late 18th Century recipe.) I grabbed a bottle of the oak-aged so I'll report back after I've had a chance to try it. Thanks, and cheers! Edit: I just saw a post about Absinthe Gustave on TWS Facebook discussion group, looks like I should check that more often!
  4. I forget the exact sake, but I believe we had a Junmai Ginjo, a Junmai Daiginjo, a Nigori (unfiltered sake), and some awful flavored sake that was probably just meant for mixing. Some people liked the flavored sake, but it's just not my thing. The others were all excellent though.
  5. I'm hosting an absinthe and music event in Deerfield Beach, Florida on Friday, November 10. It's going to be a smaller ticketed event that's part of a larger anime convention going on that weekend. I'll be giving a presentation on absinthe and playing the koto (13-string Japanese harp) while attendees taste a couple of selected absinthes. (I'm still negotiating the drink budget with the event coordinator, but we'll probably have one of the Delaware Pheonix absinthes and something else. It'll be legit absinthe though.) The first year I hosted the event it was a wine tasting with koto, and the second year it was sake & koto. So this year I asked if I could do absinthe & koto... and I got the go ahead! I'm surprised the hotel/convention center went along with it, to be honest. Due to rules, the hotel staff will be pouring the absinthe, and since I can't get absinthe fountains for everyone, we'll probably be giving everyone ice cold water bottles with small holes poked in the top so they can drip the water themselves. I realize that many of the people on these boards are more qualified to give a presentation on absinthe than I am, but nevertheless I think that this event can turn a lot of people onto absinthe and dispel misconceptions they may have. We got a great turnout last year, so I'm hopeful. Anyway, here's the Facebook Event Page and the anime con website. It's from 5PM to 8PM, 21+ of course. Tickets are $10 per person on top of the normal anime con ticket price, but if some WS members are interested I can see about getting you into the event without having to pay for a ticket to the convention. To be 100% truthful though, we're not going to be tasting anything particularly rare and the presentation is targeted at people who've never had absinthe. So I wouldn't say the seasoned absinthe drinker needs to go out of his or her way to attend. I'm posting this mainly to let you all know that it's going on, rather than to sell more tickets. Thanks y'all.
  6. Glad to see this topic got revived recently. I recently got a bottle of Leopold Bros Batch 99. It's very citrus-y and completely different than what I remember from the previous bottle I had. (Previous bottle was Batch 91, and was very grape-y, in a good way.)
  7. My last glass of Jade 1901. Going to move onto Clandestine after that, followed by Leopold Bros -- batch 99, which is way more citrus-y than the previous batch 91 bottle I had. The batch 91 was very grape-y.
  8. That's great news. Fingers crossed that they'll keep making it! The description on the site I bought it from said it was a limited edition to mark the 100th year after the abolition of absinthe. Incidentally, to stay on topic, that's what I'm drinking tonight as well. Sure, it was good the first time I tried it, but after the bottle had been open for about a week it's like some switch was flipped and it changed from good to outstanding.
  9. Paul Devoille's "Centenaire" absinthe. Delicious stuff. I could see this becoming one of my go-to absinthes if it weren't a limited run.
  10. I have trouble differentiating the specific herbs and other common descriptors in absinthe tasting notes. I'm guessing that the best way to familiarize myself with them is simply to get samples of the different herbs, so I'm going to do that. I'm curious though -- are there any absinthes that you think epitomize one herb or the other (one that you'd describe as being particularly heavy on fennel, for instance, or one with a lot of hyssop?) Sort of like how, with Scotch, if someone asked me, "What do tasting notes mean when they say 'peatiness?'" I'd point them in the direction of Laphroaig or Ardbeg 10.
  11. My bottle just arrived today. It's on the soft and floral side. (I'm preferring the 4:1 water ratio, whereas I usually go 4.5:1) Almost has what I'd describe as a "powdered sugar" flavor on the finish. Delicious. The quality of the wine base really shines through.
  12. Midas' Touch is so good - one of the first beers I ever had. Drinking la maison Fontaine -- my first white absinthe. Reminds me of Crest Original. Loving it.
  13. Drinking wine while I wait for a shipment of four new [to me, at least] absinthes to arrive. Picked up an inexpensive Grenache/Syrah blend that hails from the southern Rhone valley in France -- 2014 "Halos de Jupiter" Costieres de Nimes It's remarkably fragrant and complex for a $13 wine. Medium-bodied. Provencal herbs, lavender, licorice. Silk smooth. Yummy.
  14. The L'Ancienne has been on my short list of absinthes to try based on the tasting notes and forum discussions. But it seems like I missed the boat on it, unfortunately. I recognized the name of the J&E and immediately hopped over here to see if there was any info on it. I'm really excited for this, even if it is completely different. I just ordered a bottle today and it can't get here fast enough! :D