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  1. Thanks everybody!!! Yes, that scene was mythical and was perfect in details, the carafé, spoon, sugar and no fire!!
  2. ‘What’s up’ People at the Forum!?! How are you? My name is Aislan, I'm from Brazil and I am a passionate for Absinthe. The history, the mystery and of course the tastes and smells. The first time that I heard about Absinthe was in a movie from Francis Ford Coppola; I was twelve years old and I never forgot that scene! Time goes and I had contact with ‘absinth’ in the College, was a horrible crapsinthe, drink straight and I was waiting for the “Fairies”! heheh… I thought to myself ‘How it could taste so nasty?’(.) I didn’t agree that taste and I was decided to look for more information. It was a hard job, you know!? But finally I’ve found the “feeverte.net” and later I found here... So, I’m not so new in the Absinthe's world, I read more than I write, first because English is not my mother language (I'm trying to do my best, google helps sometimes!), and then because I must improving my tastebuds, I am a novice in this matter, but tasted some of great CO and an vintage sample... Maybe some of you know me from Facebook; we are probably friends in this ‘petit’ Absinthe's world! So, for now, that’s it! Cheers!