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  1. That was water leaking out of the barrel, not the Kübler. It took about a week for the barrel to swell enough to prevent leaks. I filled the barrel with Kübler a few days ago. I'll pour a shot in a few weeks and update the thread about its progress.
  2. The 1L oak barrel is too adorable Smells wonderful. Now I need to cure it with water for about 5-7 days. The process begins!
  3. I blame Trent. The ritual in the Perfect Drug video sparked my curious absinthe obsession - It was years before I could find authentic absinthe unfortunately. Instead, I thought that soaking wormwood in Everclear would suffice...oops. I apologize to all my friends that drank my acrid maceration. The first real absinthe I tried was Kübler, and my first verte was Pacifique. d.
  4. I've noticed that a few absinthe purveyors are now offering oak aged absinthe varieties and I'm definitely curious. As an experiment, I'm going to buy a liter of Kübler and let it rest inside a small oak barrel for a while. I recently read some banter on here about the amount of time that it takes to get an authentic maturation in the barrel. Some were skeptical of whiskysinthes aged fewer than 2 years, which makes sense. Apparently smaller batches take significantly less time to mature however. This data sheet from a barrel manufacturer claims that small batches around a liter would only take a few weeks to develop because of the ratio between the amount of the liquid and the surface area of the barrel - https://oakbarrelsltd.com/files/Instructions%20&%20Barrel%20Prep.pdf I'm also a bit skeptical about the rapid rate of small batch oak aging, but it's worth a shot. I'll post an update once things come together. cheers, d.
  5. Just had an absinthe tasting with 6 of my colleagues here at work with a bottle of Marteau masters reserve. It was everyone's first taste of absinthe and the crowd was absolutely delighted. Of course people were shocked that I didn't light anything on fire and didn't need an antique spoon from Prague to prepare the beverage. What a delicious taste of history, thanks Marteau for helping me deconstruct the absinthe myth one sip at a time, d.
  6. Refreshing glass of crushed ice, agave nectar...and of course absinthe (Kübler) at work. The perfect way to ease into the weekend. d.
  7. Unfortunately I've committed every Absinthe crime known to man, but I'm here to pay repentance. Embarrassed to admit that I once thought that everclear steeped in wormwood, with flaming dollops of caramelized sugar was absinthe. My first real taste was Kübler, and I'm eagerly awating the arrival of Marteau and Pacifique to expand my palette. cheers, d.
  8. The US Army's ROWPU will kill us?! Any Doctor will tell you drinking too much acidic water or any liquid is bad for you. Water is supposed to have minerals in it... best guys. Scott Can you please elaborate on the effects of drinking acidified beverages and explain why you claim it's bad? And why is water "supposed" to have minerals in it? What context are you talking about? Minerals are an extremely diverse classification of inorganic molecules that come from all over nature, not just water. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineral Distilling sediments out of water will provide pure H20; a clear, flavorless solvent that creates a nice backdrop for Absinthe to sing it's true flavors. If you're worried about mineral levels or electrolytes, drink some coconut water or have a gatorade afterwards. d.
  9. Hey there, Been intrigued by Absinthe for a while, but only recently realized that most of what I thought was true about the spirit was actually a fantasy cooked up in a hollywood studio. Thinking of Absinthe preparation more like making a cup of coffee has helped me devise a better tasting beverage and a more enjoyable experience. My current favorite glass consists of first dissolving a teaspoon of agave nectar in the Absinthe, followed by melting ice directly in the glass of spirits. The melting ice creates a beautiful fragrant and flavorful louche. I prefer the mixture on the stronger side, with about a 1:4 absinthe/water ratio. Nice to meet y'all, cheers! d.